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I was browsing through the internet this morning when I came across an ad for this game, Magerealm, and given that I’ve never actually sat down and tried a Female Armor Bingo before, I used this as an opportunity.


I checked out the website too, albeit very briefly, and I was actually a little shocked with how different the male and female characters were (though each gender appears to be locked to a particular set of classes), and that there wasn’t a single female class who wasn’t heavily sexualized or a single male class who was at all sexualized.


I decided to also do a bingo for the Tsunami class, which seemed like the most egregious example, to me. Almost got a bingo on that one! I didn’t think I should mark No Pants though, given that she seems to be a mermaid, though it seems a little hard to tell where the human skin stops and the fish scales begin.

Oh Magerealm, somehow you manage to be an amazing example of all that is wrong with depictions of female characters in games, advertising and complete creative bankruptcy.


– wincenworks

(Edit: Several people have pointed out that Tsunami is pretty much a straight up ripoff of Nami from League of Legends. To that I would like to point out that Magerealm managed to make their rip off infinitely more boring than the original.)

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