The culmination of weeks of work has finally has been completed!  

This is my final outcome from my Art and Design project, Herald. My project was focused on concept art for videogames and character design, and the character shown here, Fifinne, was one of three characters I designed. During the (long) process I recorded what I’d done with Quicktime Player (there are some parts of the video missing however, as Quicktime Player crashed a few times).

I am so fucking pleased with this I love it. Fifinne looks great, the armour looks good, the background is half decent (lmao). And the project is finally over (three months long).

I hope you all enjoy muffins!

@lauren-m-jankowski @vava-chan-take-over-the-world @moki-art @scrptrx @randaandherthoughts @mandy-hope-san I thought you might all like to see this (what three months of complaining can make lmao)

@bikiniarmorbattledamage is this acceptable armour? 😀

Now this lady looks prepared to fight! 


Another LoA2 ad I was looking for all week popped up just in time to get a bingo too!
Gotta say, this one looks way more creative (in a bad way) than the other one. I especially “like” how many stabby parts are involved. 

Hope that being an angel/goddess means she’s immortal, cause I guarantee she’s gonna poke an organ out with one of those spikes the moment she moves.


One of the couple League of Stolen Assets 2 web ads I’ve seen around lately. Proving again how much of the bingo can be covered even with a cropped pic. 

Also, I’m pretty sure that a list of fantasy games that include elf ladies in green/golden hood with holes for their pointy ears is too long to even identify who they might have plagiarized this pic from.