Aphrodite in Lingerie, How Original ?

When picking out a goddess out of the SMITE pantheon to redo this time, I decided I wanted to try to make a “sexy” design that doesn’t rely on the Victoria’s Secret catalog. So here we are.

I didn’t change her body proportions at all, I only took the “in bra cup” shape out of her boobs. I gave her a draping shirt that’s more similar to ancient Greek attire. Isn’t it weird that the male Greek gods are designed to look more inspired by ancient Greek styles…. hmmmmm.

I did not give her pants, due to the ancient Greek influences, but I decided to make something out of the fact that she floats (for whatever reason). I ended up giving her a weighted skirt that would drag behind her when she moves. I imagine she could use it to great effect to look sexy or intimidating.


I left the belt in-place mostly because I didn’t have anything better to replace it with, but it’s definitely a bit much for the redesigned version. I think my shapes ended up being all over the place, but it’s still more interesting than the original. And I didn’t have to rely on lingerie for my design, what a shocker.

And last but not least, I changed her face to have more of an attitude and confidence.


Being beautiful and sexy doesn’t mean only having a specific type of face.


For honor warden_Fanart and Knight, by Kim Junghun

Two lovely knight designs that are instill a strong sense of realness. The armor the ladies are wearing is tarnished with dirt and blood, which is great to see, since so much art of women in armor tries to still make them look harmless (can’t fuck em if they can kill you, I guess). Despite both designs being so limited in their color palettes, they don’t feel like they need more. These definitely feel like they were drawn from real life references, and isn’t that nice.

Do note that the artist’s gallery is a mixed bag when it comes to how the ladies are designed, even in non-fanart work.


Okay so, when this got it’s first E3 announcement I expressed concern that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was:

Seems to be drifting away from being a gender-flipped love letter to the Castlevania and looking more and more like a cheap game hacked together with generic store-bought assets and all the creative focus on sexy outfits and sexy scenarios for the female characters.

Prior to that @gepwin bingo’d the concept art.

 Apparently we were not alone in concerns about the appearance of this game, because Igarashi was so upset by the feedback on social media that he promised to prove people wrong:

So um… clearly this didn’t include fixing anything about the costume or general design.  One interesting factor is the game now has items that change Miriam’s appearance, which implies that thing on her head is a headband, not horns…


Unfortunately the one item that doesn’t seem to change, is that hideous, unflattering dress which is sadly, far from the worst outfit on a female character in the game.


That um… those aren’t real clothes… nobody wear that.  Shame that during the entire development process they couldn’t consult with someone who actually wears dresses and other feminine items – particularly if this is going to be the first boss in the game…


– wincenworks



straight boys: Silly feminists, it’s okay for women to be depicted with little to no armor. Look at Conan, he’s totally the same thing!

straight boys: *playing FF12* Vaan, put on a damn shirt you’RE MAKING ME FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE 

straight boys: *reacting to new male protagonist’s skimpy armor* Squeenix pls stop 

straight boys: But yeah, Conan. Totally the same thing. And you don’t see us complaining!


Perfect summary of this "controversy".


Since the upcoming reboot of another legendary Final Fantasy game caused a “debate” over the (very much alleged) reduction of female character’s breast size, let’s remember that dudebros perpetuating this new fake controversy are obviously the same people who complain about male characters in the franchise being too sexy for their homophobic liking



SMITE’s Freya Still Desperately Needs Pants

The original here is actually an updated version of Freya. As many characters in SMITE, she went through a few redesigns over time, with arguable quality of improvements (comparison source): 


The redesign

This is the second character named Freya which I fixed, and this one also got a questionable update between getting bingo’d and redesigned on our platform. I swear it’s a total coincidence. 

SMITE’s standards are below the bottom, so of course while she no longer had gravity-defying metal pasties for a top, it’s still a skin-tight boobplate


I didn’t go particularly wild with fixes this time. I liked the ornamentation and accessories well enough to leave them be, so the changes are limited to the shape of the breastplate and big blue gambeson under all of it. Thanks to it her pretty necklace suddenly popped out, since color theory is still a thing. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Blue because it matched her existing color scheme, including those tacky Pict-like tattoos, which are already a cliche on many Norse/Viking characters, for some reason. 

Not my most creative or labour-heavy redo, but I hope you guys like it!