paracelsuscaspari submitted:

Rhaenys Targaryen design

Hey! I tried to do a reasonable design for one of the conquerors of Westeros (who gets none of the credit as her brother Aegon takes it all) using everything I’ve learned from reading your blog and thought maybe you’d fancy a look. What do you think?

Thank you for the submission! I think this looks really nice. I like the colors, especially on the helmet, and the shapes on the armor look nice too. She definitely looks like a person who has seen a battlefield, and she looks intimidating. The only change I would make is probably to add more dragon-like aspects to the armor, like scale mail or an embossed motif. That generation of Targaryens especially read as very proud of their fancy dragon heritage, especially as they flaunted it in the war(s).

She is described as having long hair, but Rhaenys sounds like the kind person who may just cut it off on a whim every now and then, so I have no problem with the fluffy short hair.


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