Kamihime Project is a strategy game where the player controls a bunch of hot girls mercenaries Goddess Princesses. Wait, where have I heard that before?

This particular lady is apparently Gaia. It’s hard to tell whether there’s any inspiration from the mythological Greek figure… but then again it’s hard to tell anything with this. I just get more confused the more I look at her.

I get the feeling that this game will be making many more appearances on the blog, especially with Creative Characters like these:


Not to mention their interpretation of Hecatoncheires, the Greek giants with 100 arms and 50 heads….


I guess the wreath on her head is supposed to mean ‘Greek?’ I just… mm.


Apparently (some of?) those are supposed to be actual figures from different mythologies… This game makes me want to apologize to SMITE, it really hurts.

Also, even though the promo material attempts (if you can call it that) to establish a “personality” for Gaia… it’s amazingly bland and vague AND doesn’t match the character design at all!