Supergirl Suit Redesigns, by Grace Kooken (Earth Ambassador Suit @ top)

Y’all need to check out the original page for this right now. There are breakdown images of each suit, with glow-in-the-dark options and turnarounds. And there are some other fun suits, like a Sun Suit and a Tank-Buster Suit.

These are all so fun, and each has its own style and flair. And they’re situation-appropriate! They’re really a joy to look at. I love how the more typical suits she would wear day-to-day keep to her established color scheme, but the “special” suits dip into different colors, but not in a way that makes her unrecognizable. Except maybe the Earth Ambassador suit, because she’s not representing herself in that context, but it comes with the coolest cloak in the known universe, so I don’t even care.

Check out the artist’s gallery for more fun characters and clay work, if that’s your thing.




Gotham Girls RPG redesign for fun 🙂 They actually make a very well-balanced team! I was originally going to do them all as knights but then saw Mindy Lee’s Poison Ivy Druid and got inspired.

I love seeing women in fantasy worlds with practical and pretty outfits that fit their personalities

@bikiniarmorbattledamage I suppose you would be interested in this

Oh, we are very interested. 👀 I love how every gal has her own distinct style, and their armor/clothes are actually… appropriatefor their roles???? There are so many subtle details on each of the ladies, and y’all know how much I love those. I particularly like the fresh take on Harley, because just the “jester” look, separate from Harley, has kind of become boring and same-y over the years, but this version is different and fun and cool. That hat + pigtails idea is Gold

I would play the crap out of this RPG if it existed, though there’s no healer… Would Ivy begrudgingly hand out healing potions?


Livestream Cancelled by Sickness

Well, we were ready to stream and all, but apparently that conflicted with some viruses’ schedules. We’ll be taking the weekend off, and will hopefully be streaming next week.

Thanks for your patience!

~Ozzie and Icy

Tidy Up Tuesday #97

Here’s a reminder that skimpy bikini armor is not the be all end all of sexism and double standards in character and costume design. Unchallenged uniform conformation to gender norms is a problem in of itself. 

If each and every single female character in a franchise has to have at least one overt conventionally feminine feature, while male ones have a whole range of appearances, then yes, it’s still deserves to be criticized for double standards.  

Also, please consult  this point in our FAQ if you question why we’re not critical only of the most egregious female character costume designs.


Guess what milestone we passed las week? 



~Ozzie, – wincenworks & -Icy