Tidy-Up Tuesday #7

This week’s points:

Please keep in mind this blog’s main concern are female warriors. If you see some other type of female character gratuitously sexualized in media, consider whether it’s a more appropriate submission to our related blogs, like eschergirls

When you see people trying to defend boob windows with claims that kunoichi (they mean female ninjas) flashed their boobs to dazzle opponents – these people are literally citing ridiculous anime and Japanese grindhouse films as historical documents.  By the same logic, cars in America explode when they bump into any object.

As an expansion of this, if you see people citing the espionage technique known as the “honey trap” (or “honey pot”) as valid in combat – you can safely assume they have no clue how seduction works.

Things we covered before and got asked about recently:

– wincenworks & Ozzie

This was part of a much larger bit by Extra Credits on messages sent by games and how design decisions can (even unwittingly) transform games into propaganda.  Games do have an interactive aspect, but the core principles remain true for any media product.

Overall it’s a very important aspect that creators should consider with any sort of system where appearance changes with progress – whether it’s part of item choice, character plot arc or just revising character appearances between chapters.

There’s a reason we have the “More Advanced Armor = Skimpier” box on the Female Armor Bingo.

– wincenworks


whereismywizardhat submitted:

As excited as I am for Seven and KOS MOS teaming up in the upcoming Project X Zone 2… it really does show precisely how little Monolift Soft’s design has changed since the bad old days.

Oh KOS-MOS, the robot lady with built-in clothe-tearing mechanism, so she can shoot lasers from her chest… Still worth that special gif:


Guess it’s logical she’d only team up with someone who has at least a severe boobplate going on.

What’s particularly painful is the contrasting second part of the trailer, where the next teamup, Chrom and Lucina from Fire Emblem, sport equally practical costumes,