Anonymous submitted:

So, I love Final Fantasy, I’ve played it since I could hold a controller. But in the final installment of FFVII You’re faced with the Deep Ground Soldiers, a syndicate of a sort, while you play as Vincent… shooting at them… But what bugged me was the fact that the females weren’t issued the nice sturdy functioning pants the dudes have, and those guys even get a nice little protective crotch piece! (because lord knows you gotta protect your junk from magic spells and bullets) Aside from that, they have some pretty good looking helmets and the chest plate is that a chest plate, not a dented boob plate. But still why the dang leotard? I sure as heck wouldn’t join an underground army with that uniform. But then one of their leader’s Rosso… *sigh* she falls as the stereotypical “sexy villain” with an insatiable bloodlust, but that’s it, the rest I’m sure has already been covered.

The lack of pants is truly a pandemic among female game characters. Gotta say, it’s especially ridiculous whenever it’s literally the only article of clothing that male version of an outfit has, but female does not.

And yes, Rosso definitely gets additional what-else-could-go-wrong point for applying to “evil is sexy” trope.