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Okay, I just….


I saw an ad for a game called “Cyber Monster.”  Had this girl advertising it.  Pretty standard.

But I saw that plate of “armor” and had to wonder how it was staying on.

First of all, it looks like that armor is two dimensional and yet existing in a three dimensional plane around the breasts.

Or maybe it’s just flat pushing up against her boobs and that’s why they look all floaty!  The shape and its shading makes ZERO sense.  Someone please explain this!

Secondly, that heavy piece of metal is being held on by ONE STRAP.

The belt around the bottom portion is tied LOOSELY around, so it’s not helping to keep it up!  No, from the looks of it, it’s being held there, presumably, by that one black strap and fairy magic.

And if you look closely, there’s another piece on her back.  HOW IS THAT NOT FALLING OFF?

She’s wearing a leather belt….all over her body?


Some pictures just break my mind in so many ways.  HOW IS THAT PLATE POSITIONED IN A WAY THAT MAKES SENSE?!

And one more thing.

This is the page I went to when I clicked on the ad:

This is what the official page looks like: http://monster.game321.com/

I shouldn’t be surprised, really.

You’d think she could have used some of the many many belts she seems to be wearing for fun to hold that plate of armor on her more. 

  • sides are bare and open to attack
  • leather panty digging into her inner thigh and chafes a lot
  • oddly-shaped armor that completely defeats the purpose of armor
  • No sheath for sword
  • boobs pressed up against each other despite the lack of any side pressure brought on by, well, anything
  • More leather belts than a bondage museum

so yeah, I’m guessing this is high-tier armor for that game

When I dug this image up from eschergirls archives, my first thought was “let’s bingo it!”, then I realized this… thing eludes almost all typical female armor tropes… while being infinitely worse than your typical chainmail bikini or boobplate.

Everything about this drawing shows incredible misunderstanding of any aspect of costume design possible!
This isn’t how breastplates work (hell, this isn’t what breastplates look like)! This isn’t what belts are for! Gravity doesn’t work that way! Boobs don’t work that way! Armor doesn’t work that way! ARGH!

Bonus points: this artwork is actually stolen from a pervy anime called Queen’s Blade.
Keep it classy, Cyber Monster! Not only stealing art, stealing possibly the worst kind of “warrior girl” art available.


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