SYAC – NSFW Context.

A lot of people who view my feminist leanings as an “act” always point to the fact that I used to draw fetish art a decade ago as some sort of hypocrisy. But the fact of the matter is that just because I don’t draw fetish art anymore and identify as a feminist now doesn’t mean I have some sort of vendetta against it. The problem that arises when feminists clash with comic/game/geek content is because the “context” for the “sexy artwork” either doesn’t exist or is so flimsy it might as well not exist. There is nothing wrong with NSFW artwork, providing the context makes sense (and that includes the WHERE and HOW it’s being published).

Sidenote: I CANNOT recommend “Sunstone” enough to y’all. It’s amazing and you should check it out! Here’s the link to it on AMAZON.

PS: I genuinely don’t care that Quiet is a mute and can’t talk (that’s problematic in and of itself). I just wanted to make a point.

Huh, who knew there is a time and place to make female characters sexy and that time is not “always”?

We’re also more than familiar with the accusation that we are just fun-hating killjoys who hate sexy women and want them always non-sexual and covered head to toe (extra fallacy points if something islamophobic is added to the last part). That’s why it’s a square on the rhetoric bingo



See also: When is it okay to have a female character in less than practical or protective armor? – a helpful presentation by @wincenworks 

Riders of Icarus Switch 

Another victims recipients of our switch treatment, after Saint Seiya Online, were costumes from Riders of Icarus


The change was a pretty simple copypaste job, I only adjusted details to better fit other gender’s figure. The lady’s weird incomplete underwear became full pants, the dude’s chin got exposed, so I gave him some lip gloss and goatee to flaunt it more. 

As for most crucial difference, the exposed belly and cleavage – in the original the skin looks jarringly different from the armor, as if literally rendered with different engine settings. I decided to preserve the plastic-y look of the flesh to accentuate the guardian’s masculine body. Which, BTW, probably features my best painted abs so far.




This one, too, was basically a copypaste job, except that I hated the shiny pants texture, so I drew them in real quick. I also changed both of their hair to not look like Absolute Garbage. The weird… leotard? lingerie? cloth coverings do end up covering basically all of the fun parts of the dude’s torso, and unfortunately, I didn’t give him my patented Semi-Translucent Bulge™. Especially with that sharp ornament pointing right at his crotch. Believe me when I say, I will not make the same mistake in future streams. At least I made sure his coattails didn’t cover his ass.

Overall, it was a fun and laid-back redesign, I think.


Battlefield 1 doesn’t have female soldiers because ‘boys wouldn’t find it believable’

Battlefield 1 doesn’t have female soldiers because ‘boys wouldn’t find it believable’



“One might think this is because women didn’t serve combat roles – which isn’t true – but according to former DICE coder Amandine Coget, it’s because the project leads thought boys wouldn’t find it believable.

…Coget adds that DICE made several decisions for Battlefield 1
which have nothing to do with historical realism – including how tanks
function or the lethality rates of early parachutes – but female
soldiers still wouldn’t appear in multiplayer.”

Heavy sighing. (h/t @cypheroftyr via Twitter.)

What’s a worse argument to not have women in your combat-heavy game than “they’re too hard to animate”“Historically, female warriors are unrealistic”, of course! And how to add to the injury? Insult your intended demographic by saying THEY are the one who won’t believe it! 
It’s not like games have potential to educate and widen the player’s horizons, right?

Considering the developer is so totally concerned with “realism” (as understood by pubescent boys), @pointandclickbait has a great suggestion to what historically accurate thing should be included instead of soldier women:



more warrior women and history on BABD

This week in throwback: Remember how two years ago Battlefield 1 developers insulted their intended audience by basically claiming that boys are too stupid and sexist to accept women in a World War I game? Well who would have thought it, they were right! 

Recently released WWII-based sequel, Battlefield 5 (yeah, I’m not even trying to understand the numeration there) HAS female soldiers in it and the dudebros apparently cryhistorical revisionism!” at that.
Because women on the frontlines of World War II are definitely the most unbelievable part of a game that lets you die and respawn multiple times while reenacting real historical battles. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And once again @pointandclickbait has the most accurate response to the “controversy”



h/t: @red-queen-on-the-heathen-throne






that friend is vestal

I appreciate this immensly

@we-are-knight @weareladyknight

…… I mean… Maybe?


I think that a couple other characters from the parodies we posted over the years would gladly patronize this blacksmith as well 😉 
Consider: Lyla from the College Humor sketch, the angry Dorkly comic lady, this poor heroine, the Chainmail Bikini Squad, Princess Adrienne… Oh yeah, there’s also this poor dude from Oglaf strip which we never knew how to address on BABD.

What I’m saying is, bad blacksmiths/armor merchants are kind of an recurring subject in bikini armor satire. And it’s nice for once to see one who’s fixing sexist armors instead of perpetuating them 😉

PS: This is what Arbalest and Vestal’s boobplates look like in the original artwork of Darkest Dungeon



Not all heroes wear capes.


So, I was looking at the recent comics issued and I found there’s this new series that seems to feature a lovingly rendered horse… and what’s probably one of the most ridiculous outfits that’s ever been designed.

Yes… she has a steel undies on outside of her painted on pants… apparently.

– wincenworks

Last Minute Stream Cancellation

Sorry for the late notice, but Icy isn’t feeling well enough to stream. We will be back next week!

~Ozzie and Icy






Then vs. Now

every single one of these redesigns look vastly superior to their originals imo.


The 80s She-Ra, like most of her contemporary cartoons, never aimed to be anything more than a glorified toy commercial. Characters were all based on the same mold to sell easily-reproducable toys and to fit the dirt-cheap animation budget at Filmation. J. Michael Straczynski even confirmed that’s why there were little to no costume changes in the original show. 

The 2018 She-Ra reboot does character redesign right – taking interesting parts from the originals (like color schemes, symbols, weapons) and doing a unique spin on them, with special attention to diverse body types, skin tones, facial features and recognizable silhouettes. 


Not 100% the same cast between two images, but can you spot the ones that appear on both? 😉