“Legends” Football League

Glitchy submitted:

First of all, this is real.  The “Legends (formerly “Lingerie”) Football League” is an actual all women football league.  Sadly, these are the uniforms.


From here.

I understand there is a lot of turnover due to injury.  Can’t imagine why. </sarcasm>

Anyhoo.. I decided to Bingo it.


I wasn’t sure how to call a few of them.  The “No underwear” call was because it IS basically underwear.  The sock things are thigh high, but do they count as boots?  Considering there is a New England team and (I think) a Canadian branch, cold climate got a tick.  As for “More metal used on boots/gauntlets…” do shoulderpads count in this category? There’s probably more material there than on the main body.

Lingerie Football would qualify for some allowance for being sex work, if they paid the players (and paid them appropriate to the work and the risks) and ensured their safety.  Instead it’s really just unsafe exploitation with a pay-per-view TV deal.

It’s horrifying that we live in a society where this is “the” high profile women’s football and that it’s continuing on even after we had a major motion picture released about the discovery that football is actually even more dangerous than it looks.

Outdoor contact sports are definitely a situation where even a light amount of protection can go a long way and frankly if you want to see women in lingerie there are safer and better ways to do it, rather than pretend it is in some way related to love of a sport and hence not about ogling.

– wincenworks

Content warning for sex worker-phobic language bit later (around 11:55) in the video.

Nostalgia Critic’s Spawn movie review took a shot at questioning randomly sexy assassin lady costume, which results in an exchange quite familiar to this blog:

-Anybody who dresses like that is NOT gonna take their job seriously.*
-What am I supposed to wear?
-Armor, bulletproof vest, a mask to hide your face!
-How are people supposed to know that I’m a woman?
-It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman. It’s actually better if they don’t know you’re a woman, because then you’d be harder to find!

Bonus points for this particular character being one of antagonists, which feeds squarely into “evil is sexy” cliche.

Especially since all her killer co-workers, including pre-Spawn Al Simmons (who she replaces as the top assassin), dress sensibly.

When will the day of pec-window male assassins come?


* We assume Doug meant any job where serious personal injury is a regular risk.

I remember when the Spawn movie flopped, the creator of the franchise, Todd McFarlane, blamed the director for taking too much creative license (which was hilarious in itself McFarlane himself left Marvel due to them not allowing him enough creative license).

So perhaps we should be grateful for that “creative license”, given what we’ve seen in other MacFarlane productions.


– wincenworks

more regarding sexy assassins on BABD

Hey there! I mentioned to my boyfriend (a pretty avid gamer) how ridiculous and useless female armor usually is in games, and he responded that “women would get mad if they wore the same armor as the men”. I’m not sure how one would prove such a claim, so I thought I’d ask here. How would you respond to that?

How would I respond?


I remember nearly two years ago, someone tried to tell us that women didn’t like Samus until got those (aesthetically awful) high heels and well it seems that that person was wrong.  Very wrong. Profanity outburst inducingly wrong.  It’s also more or less got it’s own Rhetoric Bingo square:



While it is certainly true that some women greatly enjoy some heavily sexualised female characters (and we’re totally okay with that), the notion that somehow there isn’t a demand for different types of female characters and different armor options in games and other media is just absurd.

A three volume anthology of stories to provide “characters with feminist overtones” (many, many of them seem to be armored very much like men…) was fully funded! Over a quarter of a million dollars has been pledged to the project – that doesn’t happen unless there is massive demand.

There are plenty of women out there who want big, hulking suits of armor and the ones who don’t are hardly going to get mad at a game that respects the notion of gender equality. 


– wincenworks

Benimaru Nikaido disempowered

@puppyinatophat submitted:

So I noticed you guys discussed King of Fighters XIV’s latest trailers and there was something that I feel you missed in your discussion.

Benimaru’s design change. They had a perfectly “empowered” character, and they take that away from him.

This was his pre XIV design (in game shots too):


(KOF 94)


(KOF 2000)



And now this is look in the latest game:


How could they? Taking away his empowerment like that? Expecting a man to fight in simple street clothes when he could be showing off his intimidating abs.

(Also, for those wondering about his hair, he has electricity powers and keeps hair out of his eyes by using static electricity to push it up. He’s also a very very inspired by the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character Polnareff.)

(Trailer showing Benimaru in King of Fighters XIV here

I would like to call for a solemn moment of silence, for this poor soul so had his empowerment stripped of him. (If you would like to press F to pay your respects, I’ve checked and it’s not a Tumblr hotkey so you’re safe to do.)

Benimaru, you are being failed by the people who should have been there to protect you.  I’m so sorry.

Benimaru has all the traits of someone who should have been protected.  He’s a fighting game character (not Street Fighter but still), he’s got fabulous hair, delicious abs and a love of teasingly revealing outfits.  But, when the time came where were the “creative freedom” crowds?  Who came forward to speak on this Benimaru’s behalf to speak of this fictional character’s important personal preferences?


No one.  Benimaru was counting on these people to protect him (or would have if he wasn’t a fictional character).  His empowerment has been stripped away without so much as a word of complaint by The Guardians.

– wincenworks

An apology

We recently reblogged a fan art of Zevran from Dragon Age in an outfit consisting mostly of straps and thus perfectly appropriate for both Zevran himself and our sexy male armor.

Unfortunately it was overlooked that the fan art in question did portray Zevran with a very pale skin tone.  While he may often be depicted with pale skin, Zevran is definitely brown and beautiful.


As such the post has been removed and we sincerely apologize for the promotion of the original image and contributing to whitening a character of color.

~Ozzie & – wincenworks