During the summer sales I saw the Spellforce series was on sale. Since the original Spellforce was one of my favourite games once but I never played the sequel I decided to try the OnLive trial period an consider buying it.

I had had a variety of reactions to different features (some of which I wrote here) but as soon as I saw a certain “character”, more specificly her armor, I decided not buying it.


That is terrifying!

I’ve decided to try and run it through ozziescribbler’s Bingo, although it’s so strange there are some things from it I don’t even know if this has or not. I’m afraid the only picture I have is the one I took back then, they’ve changed the OnLive inteface and I can’t figure out how to use the trial again and I havent managed to find more online either, not knowing the name of the “character”.


This bingo is fun, I’ll have to do this again.

Of course credit for the bingo goes to ozziescribbler and the bikiniarmorbattledamage blog.

Great job, thank you!

With all that is wrong about this design, I’m still most perplexed by that, uh… chest piece. How is that supposed to stay on, let alone cover the boobs? Does. Not. Compute!