All the mods call women ‘females’, it creeps me out

Ugh, you’re right!


Didn’t notice it before, so your comment confused me (I was worried you were referring to women commenting on this, sorry). Thanks for pointing that out, i-have-a-hunger!

Those are just disgusting :-/
Pro tip: “female” as a NOUN refers to animals, not humans (or sentient humanoids, if we’re talking about fiction). The word is “woman” and please no one ever forget that!

DISCLAIMER: The post below includes severly NSFW links. Click at your own risk!

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angercats submitted

I agree with you 100%. They are mods, you don’t have to download them. Moders have complete freedom to create whatever they want. It doesn’t have to fit the theme. Skyrim was made to be moded, that’s why they made the Skyrim Creation Kit for users.  

But, nevertheless, that’s not going to stop me from thinking that some of these mods are downright creepy. BUT WAIT there’s more!! It’s not just female armor that’s creepy; it seems that you can download creepy armor for men, too. (They both don’t protect much heh)

I don’t really find it offensive, it’s actually funny and almost… sad? I don’t think the whole moding community is like this. There are plenty of mods that can enhance Skyrim’s beauty. 

We’re on the same page, angercats. I took the liberty of bolding the point I agree most about.
It’s just saddening how far some people can go to make their mod designs as perverted as possible, as if it added anything to the game experience.

angercats submitted:

So the other day a there was discussion about skyrim on here. And I was browsing through the steam workshop, lookin’ for some good mods and then I found this ~GEM~

There is this ~BEAUTIFUL~ mod pack called fabulous female collection that’s full of this crap. Why??? It doesn’t fit skyrim it all. It makes them all look like barbie dolls. How do they??? Kill dragons?? Om my god, I’m just laughing so hard. 

It’s actually worse on nexus. omg

To be completely honest, I can’t “hate” so much on this bikini mod as you’d probably expect me to, because exactly what it is… a mod.

Bikini Armor Battle Damage, unlike many related blogs, doesn’t have a strict policy of criticizing only ‘official’ art, but we still need to acknowledge how fan creations exist in a bit different context.

Video game mods are created for fans and by fans to enhance their experience with things they personally enjoy, be it My Little Pony skins, functional portal gun or a metal armor. Fitting with the game’s themes is optional when it comes to mods.

Last time we visited a Skyrim mod we talked about it on context of being absolutely ridiculous (spandex chainmail outfit complete with mail boobsocks and nipples poking through). That thing was trying really badly to ‘count’ as an armor atop of being objectifying, while bikinis you sent seem to be created solely for the gamer’s viewing pleasure.

I know it’s really hard to draw a line between a mod that’s there simply to look pretty and one that takes impracticality to a whole new level, so don’t hesitate to send me any example you find questionable. We can always discuss it together here.