Black Lives Matter

As you are doubtlessly aware – there is currently a lot going on in the United States of America.  On top of a national struggle with the Covid-19, the fallout from the senseless murder of George Floyd has led to police attacking protesters, journalists and innocent bystanders throughout the nation.  There have been violence, arson a lot of questionable reporting by major outlets.

The violence and mistreatment that black people in the USA are subjected to daily is appalling, and responses from those in positions of power and authority are unconscionable.  Our hearts go out to those who are protesting and those who are simply trying to get by in a world where police respond to protests against police brutality are met with more police brutality.

If you’re far from the protests and feeling helpless, there are some things you may be able to do to help:

  • Amplify black voices when you see them speaking on the matter
  • Donate to organizations that are helping protesters directly (list below)
  • Actively look into what is going on and educate yourself through resources people are making freely available
  • Do share what you learn with non-black friends, family and communities

If you are not black, please do not:

  • Ask black people to explain things to you or tell you what you can do to help, there are a lot of people volunteering the information now
  • Center your feelings or opinions in these conversations; it’s rough for all of us but it’s literally life and death for the people under threat from the police and there’s already an unfortunate history of bystanders trying to make it about themselves
  • Share anything that you can’t verify, particularly if it’s reassuring good feels or suggesting this isn’t really a problem

Remember, this world is rough and it the best way for us to get through it is together.

~Ozzie, – wincenworks and -Icy


Matthew A Cherry and @isatrea have been maintaining a list of ways to donate to those that are helping protesters with bail bonds.

You may also want to consider donating to Reclaim the Block.

Critical Bard has created a thread of black folk, many of whom who have been working on fund raisers themselves, who would appreciate any financial support that can be offered.

If you’re looking for resources to better education yourself and others, Adrien Gbinigie (Escoblades), has a twitter thread linking to many books and sourcesincluding books for children.

You may also want to consider reading Taking Freedom: Yes, Black America fears the police. Here’s why.” by Nikole Hannah-JonesThe Long, Painful History of Police Brutality in the U.S.” by Katie Nodjimbadem or watching Last Week Tonight where John Oliver reported on Police Accountability and Sheriffs.

denilsonsa submitted and Icy bingo’d:

Bingo-worthy, shows how male and female characters are not treated equally. The contrast is very clear at this game cover art, and it summarizes bikiniarmorbattledamage in one picture.

Y-yeah it sure does…. ughh


Honestly, what is even the point? You might as well be naked, going into battle looking like that. She doesn’t even look like she belongs in the setting. Also for people not in the know, this is NOT a dating sim where you’re a stud (?) with long flowing hair who’s looking for a sexy girlfriend. This game is about fighting and conquering for your royal family. With troops that wear bikinis, apparently. Fantasy~

At least the dude (the player character) has some nipple accents on his breastplate to even it out?


Though personally, I would have just taken away 85% of his armor. When will game devs give the people what they want? 😔



Thank you to icykitty for sharing the trauma of a set of armor that may actually be worse than the infamous outfit of Shahde from Prince of Persia.

– wincenworks

I like to think that the all-around badness of

this figure

kinda makes it an unintentional piece of commentary art. As if the designer/sculptor/company behind it was trying to say “You though you saw the worst of sexy female warriors? Nope, they could look like THIS!”.

And it just gets better when you turn it around and consider the anatomy… not only is her whole shoulder clearly dislocated and torso unnaturally swiveled, the sculpt of her underboobastic top makes it look as if she had an extra breast right under her armpit!


Ah, sweet memories, of when I was cruising the internet for cursed content only part-time. : )

I was actually feeling optimistic lately about the state of miniatures nowadays. All the board games I play avoided this kind of low-effort designing for their lady characters. Were board game developers finally embracing the endless possibilities that not necessitating “Tiddy Out” provided??

But then I discovered that I actually living in a bubble and that a board game RPG got kickstarted in the year of our lord 2019 with this as a promised character/mini:


That’ll teach me to have barely-mid-tier standards! 







does anyone else keep getting that raid shadow legends ad with the fucking vagina armor demon woman or whatever

I don’t really care if this is armor or maybe her demonic skin, because she’s some sort succubus (what the hell sort of class is Temptress?), she gets a bingo: 


Welcome, once again, to the world of PEGI 12 games that put TONS of emphasis on women’s crotches



PS: Found a promo video that shows turnaround of this character.

Odin’s Boob Sphere Redraws: Velvet

Not sure why it’s now apparently my brand to redesign characters named Velvet, but here we are. Can you tell that this gal is a forest witch? Cause neither can I. She’s also a princess. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I really want to see the art lead’s notes on this design, just to see what their “reasoning” was for this. “The gold jewels under her breasts are symbolic of her ties to the royal family, but she can’t see them because of her breasts obscuring them, just like she lost sight of her family!!” I don’t know.

For the redesign, I just wanted to give her some breast support (since she does acrobatics and stuff, and you don’t want to be distracted by The Jiggles), as well as some kind of pant so that she doesn’t have to worry about forest insects biting her in the crotch. This is the result of 2 iterations on both the top and the pants, in usual “me” fashion. So let’s break it down.

The red sleeves looked weird to me, so I just combined them into the black shirt. Since the belt? crotch covering? I don’t know, but since that part is also black, I just decided to make all that into the collective Shirt. On top of them is that half vest that has the hood attached. I decided to give her some jingling coins at the last minute, cause the idea of hearing her walking through the forest would be kinda eerie, and she’s apparently an expert acrobat, so they would make noise when she fights. ~It could also be seen as a remnant of her royal life,~ or something.


As for the pants, I didn’t really have any ideas, so I just went the default “poofy pants” route, and then picked the only other color in the color scheme that wasn’t red or black. I initially was going to get rid of her butt cape, but decided to keep it cause she just didn’t look quite right without it.

I remember disliking the final result when I finished it initially, but looking at it again now, it actually looks kind of good? Maybe her shirt sleeves are a bit too short, but at least I don’t have to continuously grimace just looking at her now.