Heroes of Newerth – SEXYFIED EDITION! (NSFW)

We redesigned female Heroes of Newerth characters so many times at this point that we figured it’s the gentlemens’ turn! 

Warlock dude and Tentacle-kun 

Previously compared to his female counterpart’s bingo here

I decided I wanted to make a monster-y guy Hot, cause that’s what the people want, so I chose this nameless tentacle-y spellcaster(?) dude. He already wasn’t wearing a shirt, so I expanded upon that by shortening his veil and giving him some rocking abs. I left the ribs despite the muscles because who needs to know how anatomy works when they’re drawing Sexy Things?


I gave him 4 male-presenting nipples, since he is a Monster Boi, as well as a smoother face with a bit of a blush. I also made all of his pointy tentacles rounded, so that he doesn’t have to worry about scratching people when he’s hugging them. 

And, of course, I gave him a visible dick that’s only covered by one of his belt chains. No close-ups of that for this post.

Finally, I made his other one-eyed monster, nicknamed Tentacle-kun on the stream, cuter and innocent-looking. After all, this is now a friendly duo of warlock and tentacle.



Judge NON-Dredd 

If anyone forgot, casual reminder that HoN’s concept art gallery is a cesspool of plagiarism. How they haven’t yet been stricken with cease and desist requests by multiple IP owners is a mystery to me. 

Case in point, this character is so overtly ripped off from Judge Dredd that they couldn’t be arsed to even change his helmet’s visor design – only added a tacky fin-shaped piece on top. 


My fixed version got his dreadful (no regrets ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)) expression replaced by a friendly smile. His lips are also now much bigger, softer and made-up with red lipstick, so that the smile reads clearly on such a small head in the scale of the whole image.
Also because he’s just secure in his masculinity – I mean, look how he flaunts his body!


NON-Dredd’s original clothes were already borderline bodypaint thin, so it only took repainting them in his skin tone and adding the male-presenting nipples to make him truly empowered. Also, he’s not shy about his junk, therefore no more loincloth – you can see the crotch in all its undetailed glory. 

For an added touch, his shoes gained some high heels and the weird smoke coming off his left pauldron is now hot pink – again communicating that he doesn’t need to drown in shades of blue to remember his gender. 

One thing I regret is that I haven’t used the giant book chained to his waist to recreate Magilou’s book skirt! That would have been a great throwback to my first stream redesign




The world: [Medieval European setting with knights and castles. Elves live in the forest. Dwarves yelling and drinking. Orcs just green and angry. Dragons. Boob armour.]

The world’s game trailer: [Hot mage girl. Antagonist is either a crusty old man or a sometimes sexy white woman. Fantasy war. British accents. Ugly armour. Robust character creator with multiple fantasy race options but no dark skin tones for humans. Giant spiders. A huge potion making mechanic with hundreds of recipes no one is gonna use. More giant spiders. “Only you can save the world”.]


Anyone: Why the boob armor and no people of color in this fantasy setting? 
Fanboys who preemptively decided to defend the game based on developer’s brand name alone: THAT’S THEIR CREATIVE FREEDOM! ALSO HISTORICAL ACCURACY. SHUT UP AND STOP HATING FUN! 


So, I was looking at the recent comics issued and I found there’s this new series that seems to feature a lovingly rendered horse… and what’s probably one of the most ridiculous outfits that’s ever been designed.

Yes… she has a steel undies on outside of her painted on pants… apparently.

– wincenworks

theoldhack submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d): 

Here is a brilliant example of how armour magically shifts shape depending on whether it is worn by a man or a woman. All rights, privileges and blame belong to Blizzard Entertainment. I do not own these images and seek no profit from them, but merely to entertain, enrage or explicate as each viewer sees fit.

Not marking “No head protection” because this is basic armor with no additional gear, like helmets and shoes, equipped, so neither male or female PC gets one. But knowing  the track record of WoW and Blizzard in general, it’s always a safe bet that those would also have their share of frustrating double standard

But feel free to check this square on your personal bingo cards, especially if you also would count this sort of panties as “thong” – you’ll get a bingo row 🙂

Marking “Skin-tight armor” though, because we can see this being tight (albeit equally for both male and female player). 


exoplaneeet submitted: 

general amaya from the dragon prince is a good example of female armor done right 

@adhdkirabraginsky submitted: 

Here’s a positive example from “The Dragon Prince” on Netflix! On the left is General Amaya (who is also deaf, v cool!), and on the right is Lieutentant Gren, her second-in-command (and sign language interpreter). This scene in particular is from s1e5, about four minutes in.

Took us too long to finally post this positive example. General Amaya is basically best character in the whole show: high-ranking soldier woman in great armor, reasonable authority figure, nonapologetic representation of disability and, last but not least, caring aunt for the main characters.