Okay so, when this got it’s first E3 announcement I expressed concern that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was:

Seems to be drifting away from being a gender-flipped love letter to the Castlevania and looking more and more like a cheap game hacked together with generic store-bought assets and all the creative focus on sexy outfits and sexy scenarios for the female characters.

Prior to that @gepwin bingo’d the concept art.

 Apparently we were not alone in concerns about the appearance of this game, because Igarashi was so upset by the feedback on social media that he promised to prove people wrong:

So um… clearly this didn’t include fixing anything about the costume or general design.  One interesting factor is the game now has items that change Miriam’s appearance, which implies that thing on her head is a headband, not horns…


Unfortunately the one item that doesn’t seem to change, is that hideous, unflattering dress which is sadly, far from the worst outfit on a female character in the game.


That um… those aren’t real clothes… nobody wear that.  Shame that during the entire development process they couldn’t consult with someone who actually wears dresses and other feminine items – particularly if this is going to be the first boss in the game…


– wincenworks

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