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Hi! I wanted to share a positive example of female armor!

The game Kings of the Realm started as an app, and you get to manage a rooster of commanders. They are only shown as “chess pieces” during gameplay, but you also get to see portraits. And the ladies are just as badass and well drawn as the men. They get different armor, weapons, race and design. And all five of them are unique and well thought. If I recall correctly, initially the game was managed by Kabam, which doesn’t have a great history of women portrayal (this lady from Dragons Of Atlantis was particularly cringe-worthy) but now they separated and are called Digit Game.

It’s worth noticing that the elf commander was supposed to have a skimpy waistpiece (but not even that outrageous compared to other designs…) in the initial design, but it was changed, making her look exactly like her male counterpart.


Wait… what… is this the real life? Did the guys who publish Wartune and Angel’s Alliance get one of these app games where the women get treated as characters and the warrior women look badass!?’

This. Is. Amazing.

This is such an exciting time to be alive. I hope this game takes off and becomes their dominant title.

– wincenworks

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