This comic opens with this line, then outlines the brutal deaths of the protagonists parents in a manner plenty of people will find disturbing.  The core plot for this is the protagonist avenging her brother.

So, it’s a little confusing why ever single cover depicts her like one of her like less armoured version of a long forgotten pulp fantasy character. I mean, okay it’s a an improvement on her famous appearance in 1982:


However at some point, the creators of these things really need to decide if they want them to be a:

  • A light hearted romp full of pulp, cheesecake and beefcake OR
  • A serious and shocking drama story about hatred and revenge

‘Cause this weird thing of wanting to have the 80s pinup camp along with the “we have serious stories” grit really isn’t going to do them any favours.


From Generic Bikini, to Generic Swashbuckler. What creativity!!


So it seems Remedy (creators of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break) have decided to branch out, rather than making a game about a man who can’t stop narrating about his surreal life they’re going to make Control, a game about a woman who can’t stop narrating about her surreal life…

What’s really ground breaking about this though is that it shows exactly how easy it is for developers to make a female character who can run and gun without sexifying up her design.  They’ve even refrained from using her pants to produce gratuitous butt shots in the promos!


And it’s a definite improvement on the last role the voice actress played in a Remedy game… because tactical clothes do not fit like that:


It turns out this stuff was easy all along, all you have to do is think of your female character as a person… who knew…!?

– wincenworks

(Yes her hair is sub optimal but in a game where you have surreal telekinetic powers, I will take annoying but expressive hairstyle over “if no boob, how woman” tops any day – at least the former is expressive of character and can make for dramatic framing/composition)

SMITE’s Freya Still Desperately Needs Pants

The original here is actually an updated version of Freya. As many characters in SMITE, she went through a few redesigns over time, with arguable quality of improvements (comparison source): 


The redesign

This is the second character named Freya which I fixed, and this one also got a questionable update between getting bingo’d and redesigned on our platform. I swear it’s a total coincidence. 

SMITE’s standards are below the bottom, so of course while she no longer had gravity-defying metal pasties for a top, it’s still a skin-tight boobplate


I didn’t go particularly wild with fixes this time. I liked the ornamentation and accessories well enough to leave them be, so the changes are limited to the shape of the breastplate and big blue gambeson under all of it. Thanks to it her pretty necklace suddenly popped out, since color theory is still a thing. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Blue because it matched her existing color scheme, including those tacky Pict-like tattoos, which are already a cliche on many Norse/Viking characters, for some reason. 

Not my most creative or labour-heavy redo, but I hope you guys like it!





Idk who they hired but I’m LIVING for these improvements

they did actually say who they hired! brendan george, a character artist


A lot of readers tagged us under this. 

And don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that the 2 ladies have some breast support now, but their breasts are still very clearly accented by their clothes for some reason. The designs are getting better, sure. It’s definitely an improvement from a Child’s-Small-size Halloween costume with shoestring (not even a better version than Ozzie’s Green Arrow), but we can do better. 

I do hope that Brendan George continues to work hard with his team toward getting that “more mature and respectful” aesthetic that he wants. He’s not all the way there yet, I think.


Definitely looking forward to more positive changes to Mortal Kombat character designs in the future, but so far it’s merely a step or two ahead of writing checks they cannot cash for “Doing women better”. Especially when the bar was set that low

Because are we really supposed to celebrate an exchange of a giant boob window for a smaller boob window on Kitana? 

And can we please remember that zombie Jade was never as desexualized as dudebros insist she was? At least her living version completely got rid of gratuitous cleavage… she still wears pin-thin heels throughout all skins, tho >_> 


Once again, I’d encourage our readers to not settle for the smallest, safest improvements in female (and/or otherwise marginalized) representation. I get it, we’re starved. But we have the right to ask for more. 







Then vs. Now

every single one of these redesigns look vastly superior to their originals imo.


The 80s She-Ra, like most of her contemporary cartoons, never aimed to be anything more than a glorified toy commercial. Characters were all based on the same mold to sell easily-reproducable toys and to fit the dirt-cheap animation budget at Filmation. J. Michael Straczynski even confirmed that’s why there were little to no costume changes in the original show. 

The 2018 She-Ra reboot does character redesign right – taking interesting parts from the originals (like color schemes, symbols, weapons) and doing a unique spin on them, with special attention to diverse body types, skin tones, facial features and recognizable silhouettes. 


Not 100% the same cast between two images, but can you spot the ones that appear on both? 😉


Bingo-ing her was a bit of  a challenge. Not necessarily because Slash checks out too little or too many squares, but because a lot of elements, like the original’s crotch window and the new version’s crotch belt would require custom bingo to actually score.



So, some of my friends started Quake Champions and I figured… this should be relatively safe game.  I mean, the original Quake guy had a cube for a head and Quake 3 was… well for you kids who don’t remember the 20th century, it was what we killed our friends in before Fortnite and PUBG.  The games industry has moved on in a lot of ways since then.

But apparently Slash’s outfit design (originally from Quake 3) has not moved on… just like, weirdly sideways and swapping out a garter-belt dress for a crotch belt. (and like… a leather garter belt under spandex shorts as well)

Please take a moment to consider how uncomfortable that would be to wear normally.  Like, just standing around.

Now remember that Quake is the property that originally popularized (in first person shooters anyway) the gaming stunt we know as the “rocket jump” where one sets off an explosion underneath themselves mid-jump so the force of the explosion will launch them up.

For those of you typing comments frantically, yes it is true that Quake has never placed much emphasis on realism or even making sense – but I’m supposed to grimace in pain when I get gibbed with a rocket… not when I open up the character selection screen.

Hence it is now one of the few games/properties/products which I truly wish would return all the way back to it’s roots and the glory of 1996.

– wincenworks

In case anyone forgot that Paladins comes from the same developer as SMITE (if you couldn’t tell by their absolutely “creative” designs), here’s original costume of Furia, one of their newest champions. 

Somehow even people at HiRez concluded that visible panties and completely out-of place garter belts are too ridiculous combination, because apparently after some fan feedback she received a slight redesign that includes pants under those garters.


Fret not, perverts! Her original look is preserved through red recolor “Iron Maiden” skin! 


And just in case you wondered whether some actually creative designs got discarded during Furia’s development, don’t worry! No matter how many revisions she went through, there was always at least one “beloved” Female Armor Bingo element in there, like boobplate, cleavage/boob window or otherwise uncovered skin! 



h/t: @randomrobin 

So, I’d like to start this post by saying if you haven’t seen Black Panther – go see Black Panther.  As soon as humanly possible.

From a BABD perspective, there’s a couple of really interesting and exciting aspects of the armor of the Dora Milaje (royal guard, aka bald women in red).

Firstly is while they do put an odd amount of emphasis of broadcasting that the wearer has breasts – they still read quite clearly as practical (very decorative, but practical) battle attire. It doesn’t rely on the lore to convey the purpose, and is easily some of the best female attire in a Marvel movie to date (and much, much better than the previously featured comic, seriously).

And they look so amazing when they’re together as a unit:

(Also if you love costume design in general you’ll want to see this movie simply to appreciate the authentically African inspired Wakandan outfits)

The second is that the all female royal guard, in Africa, is not without historical precedent.  The Dahomey Minos (referred to as amazons by Europeans because… colonialism) who started as royal guards, became a militia and ultimately fought in wars against colonizers (who spoke highly of their courage and ability)

– wincenworks