Cadian Honor by

Darren Tan


her helmet’s not missing – it’s hanging from her left hip – but male Sergeants in this work also often forgo helmets for dramatic reasons as well!

Firstly, apologies for taking so long to address this that you’ve now moved to @elizatronicwarfare​, secondly I have been absolutely thrilled that in the past five years Warhammer 40K have finally been taking steps towards inclusivity and actually depicting women as people.

Sadly many of these have just been generic characters that appear in cover art, but not the story but there have been some interesting new female characters such as Arminka Lesk (pictured above, and here by the same artist) or Shira Calpurnia (ACAB) and the Sisters of Battle have been getting their own comic series where they get to be both brutal and have emotions.

And I mean, they’re also proving, as we’ve said many times, that you don’t need to lean into generic bikini babes to get the aroused attention of many: (link)


Now, if we could just get them to actually get some women to be writing these characters and not have many of their video game licenses treat female characters as eye candy (looking at you Underhive)…. that’d be:


– wincenworks