team-gw2 submitted:

Phalanx armor set from Guild Wars 2. I’m a bit iffy on the lingerie bingo, but I gave it for the sheer fact it has garter straps made of scale mail.

However, GW2’s player base is a bit different from most MMO player bases. This set made a lot of players angry for being so different from the male set. Players have been demanding the male set for female characters for quite some time. Also, every time a boobplate is released, there’s usually “ugh, more boobplates?!” comments…and players have been demanding pants for female light armor classes since beta. I’m not really sure why there is such a disconnect between what players want (and flood the forums/subreddit with) and what ArenaNet releases.

Deceptively terrible… I mean at first glance I might almost have mistaken this for a decent set of armor.

– wincenworks

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