earth-to-dragons submitted (and Icy bingo’d):

Could you guys cover something about Angela in the new Trials of Mana game? Ive been playing it but its honestly difficult just because every time I look at her outfits it makes less sense! Although I dont think Riesz is any better…

A spell-caster lady in a video game who dresses for the beach? It’s more likely than you think! This is from the recent remake, where you would think the developers would want to modernize their designs. 

You would think.

The red is her original outfit (pictured above the bingo), which is apparently the outfit a magician from a cold country wears (even though it’s in magical spring, but it’s still described as cold). The blue are added in from her worst class option… the magus.


Why have nice things when you can cry over the sympathy pains of imagining scale mail on your crotch?


The Masculine Beauty of Superhero Figure, Part 1

Time to fix a Sideshow Toys figure! With male empowerment!

The modular design of Iron Man’s armor lent itself really great to a sexy redesign. Tons of clean lines to replace metal plates with some hot, hot bare skin and also anatomy-inspired detailing that served as a reference to painting his musculature. 


I also decided while getting rid of the whole helmet might be against keeping Tony’s hero persona iconic, I did  leave out the lower part, giving it the jawline from the figure’s creepily realistic replacable Robert Downey Jr. head.


The only actual changes to metal pieces on his costume I did were: 

  • moving those glowy things under his pecs to right over his nipples – glowy nipple armor for the win!
  • changing the shape of his shoes to super pointy heels (also very smol size, because if female designs aren’t allowed to have feet proportional to their bodies, why should male?)
  • giving him an oversized codpiece, so that we know he’s very confident in his masculinity 🙃 

While I went lazy on the rendering of repainted parts, I’m still quite happy with the results. Hope you guys agree. 


Shard Mortal Trespasser 

@the-midnight-doe submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

Here’s a good example of how “fully armored” doesn’t mean a thing if said armor is still sexualized: this is Shard, Sideshow Collectible’s original character from their ongoing series “Court of the Dead”. The series already has plenty of questionable designs, but Shard here really stands out due to her backstory: she’s a mortal knight Templar that somehow wound up in the Underworld, whose inhabitants then made her armor for her. Highlights include the absolutely bizarre crotch plate (hard to tell if it’s a thong as the cape blocks the back view,) the insignia on her chest that just winds up looking like a literal “stab here” sign, and interesting footwear. It’s a shame, too, because her backstory sounds really interesting and the Court of the Dead series has some pretty beautiful dolls, but also has a metal bony groping hands bra because reasons.

Oh goodie, Sideshow Toys figures, we meet again! 🙄 And this time you guys don’t even have the excuse of adapting someone else’s sexist design – it’s your own all original creation! 

Obviously the bingo score isn’t very high, and I stretched definition of “male equivalent” to “all male-presenting characters in the series”. However, while not bikini-shaped or skimpy, impossibly skin-tight armor is still a staple of BABD content.
The fact that metal gives no additional girth to any part of her body made me confident in marking off the “No padding, just bare skin.” square, despite no bare skin at display.

And no, the “fine bone filaments of this protective encasement were woven around her form by the osteomancers and artisans of the dead” Thermian argument doesn’t excuse the sexualized design one bit. 

Saddest part is that this is what she looked like in her backstory


This is so much more interesting in every way: costume, posing, expression, even painting detail. Textbook positive example. What a downgrade! 

Thank you for the submission, @the-midnight-doe! Hope you don’t mind me bolding part I found most telling about Shard’s problem. 

Considering how other female Court of the Dead characters look, we’re likely to revisit the property, with bingos and/or redesigns, later. 


Wrestling with TERA’s anti-fashion Part 2


So I decided to challenge myself yet again by picking this number. Back in an older post on TERA, I talked about how some of the armor designs are good designs for runway fashion, and I think the high elves, which is what this lady is, embody that most of all. I think each race has their, like… fashion niche? Like the demons are all Victoria’s Secret angels, ironically. And we don’t talk about the children with animal ears.

(And because I needed to fill in all those little details, I didn’t have time to do the back of her :(. )

I started with the face as usual, because I honestly hate the original in this regard… Like, what is with this Stock 3D Model face?? I tried to make it less human-looking since, you know… she’s not a human. (I kind of ripped off Dragon Age 2 in this regard, I guess.)


And then I changed…. everything else, as usual. Poofy pants, a whole 3 layers of shirts, and shoes you can actually walk in, we’ve got the whole package. I tried to make the shirt patterns work together, but I think I was a little overzealous… I also ran out of ideas. Oh well.


Hopefully my redesign still looks more like actual cloth armor than that big empty void of skin.


 Wrestling with TERA’s anti-fashion Part 1

It’s no secret that TERA Online is the quintessential of gratuitous skimpyness and double standard in character and costume design in video games. As Icy pointed out before, some of the costumes would work fine as pieces of high fashion, but definitely not a believable wear for a fantasy warrior. So we devoted a livestream to maybe try fixing that. 

Not my most inspired of redesigns, though I concluded that it’s a win as long as I make it wearable. Maybe with more time to think it through I’d give her a different colored second pant leg, but she had to do with just symmetrical jeans this time. 

As usual, one of the most important things to do was getting rid of this absurd cleavage that clings to her boobs. I shamelessly copypasted her metal (?) back piece and adjusted it slightly to now be a matching front collar. then just painted over the excessive fleshy parts. 
Copypasting pant leg also required adjusting the hem of her top, so I gave it a slightly different shape, with white trim to make it stand out better. Also, spikes on her gloves aren’t as ridiculously spiky anymore.


The part I’m actually pretty satisfied with are the shoes, which I managed to turn into a lot flatter heels, without making the design completely unfamiliar. Also got rid of completely pointless (ha!) spikes at the sides. Now that’s wearable and can fit a human foot inside without liquefying it. 


I admit, overall that’s far from my best, but with TERA you can’t go any more wrong than the original.


BeWitchered by the abs, Part 1

A day late, but hope you guys don’t mind! 

After quite a few requests and significant consideration of our own, we set off to sexify The Witcher male characters, starting with the eponymous hero himself. 

Thing about Geralt of Rivia is that, unlike most female characters in the franchise, he’s allowed to be something more than just a male power fantasy action-adventure hero. He is sexywhile engaging in sexual relationshipsHow novel! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

To fix that awful practicality of him looking like a warrior while warrioring and sex icon while sexing, I merged his official model sheet/cosplay reference with objectively one of the best Witcher game screenshots (barring ones from actual sex scenes): 


Did my best to match up proportions of two Geralts, but the end result came up a bit too top-heavy. I guess he’s more pecs, abs and biceps than legs guy now. 

Speaking of legs, it’s the one area in which I employed my own creativity instead of photo-manipulation. His codpiece is more prominent (though, once again, not exaggerated – Geralt has many issues, but definitely isn’t a type insecure in his own junk’s size) and I modified the seam stripe design to now expose some of his delicious thigh flesh. 


One last change was replacing his waaay too practical boots with high-heel ones from his adoptive daughter, Ciri. Sourced from her official cosplay guide.
Poor girl is one of the very few women in the franchise who aren’t framed as (potential) sexual conquest for Geralt, yet CD Projekt designers can’t help but put her in costumes that remind us of her femininity rather than badassery.
Hope that putting Ciri’s papa in her fashion-only shoes levels the playing field at least a bit! 

As I mentioned, not my most creatively-free redesign, but one that definitely needed to be done. Did you guys like it? 



Remember that time looong ago when we commented on Kos-Mos from Xenosaga? The gynoid who needs her boobs exposed to use her ultimate energy blast attack


Ever wondered if that game could do female robot design any worse? THEN YOU’RE IN LUCK! The bingo today is T-elos, who seems to be some sort of darker (and even more underbooby) counterpart/nemesis to her.
When I found pics of T-elos Figma action figure (so we’re provided with 3D view from all angles), I couldn’t not put it on the to-bingo list.

Bonus racism points for having the robot lady with “a more malevolent personality” (literal quote from game’s Wiki) have darker skin and more revealing costume





Idk who they hired but I’m LIVING for these improvements

they did actually say who they hired! brendan george, a character artist


A lot of readers tagged us under this. 

And don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that the 2 ladies have some breast support now, but their breasts are still very clearly accented by their clothes for some reason. The designs are getting better, sure. It’s definitely an improvement from a Child’s-Small-size Halloween costume with shoestring (not even a better version than Ozzie’s Green Arrow), but we can do better. 

I do hope that Brendan George continues to work hard with his team toward getting that “more mature and respectful” aesthetic that he wants. He’s not all the way there yet, I think.


Definitely looking forward to more positive changes to Mortal Kombat character designs in the future, but so far it’s merely a step or two ahead of writing checks they cannot cash for “Doing women better”. Especially when the bar was set that low

Because are we really supposed to celebrate an exchange of a giant boob window for a smaller boob window on Kitana? 

And can we please remember that zombie Jade was never as desexualized as dudebros insist she was? At least her living version completely got rid of gratuitous cleavage… she still wears pin-thin heels throughout all skins, tho >_> 


Once again, I’d encourage our readers to not settle for the smallest, safest improvements in female (and/or otherwise marginalized) representation. I get it, we’re starved. But we have the right to ask for more. 



I feel ya, Dorothy, I am also appalled at what passes for clothing in Zenescope’s Oz. Are clothes taxed per inch of fabric in the West?


Have you ever looked at L. Frank Baum’s books about a land ruled and influenced by strong, complicated women, and thought “man, I wish these characters were drawn like plastic dolls by J. Scott Campbell so I could masturbate to them”? Well then, do we have the series for you!


(We also recommend you find actual people to interact with, we’re worried.)

Not technically armor, but I know 0 people who would wear this fabric scrap in real life. I guess J. Scott Campbell* knows more people than me… who are imaginary. At least Dorothy over there is wearing what might pass for clothes. I don’t even know what to call the Wicked Witch’s…. bodily coverings.

At least the series doesn’t fall into the Evil is Sexy trope, since everyone is barely allowed clothes? Yay?? ?


My eyes, upon seeing Zenescope’s idea of what “Kansas Farmgirl” and “Powerful Evil Witch” look like: 



* I realize Campbell may not have had any input on these character designs, but it’s just the sort of thing he would design, so he still gets 0 points.

So, at the present moment due to her recent addition to the game – Anna Williams of weird (creepcontent warning: forced stripping as public humilation) misogynistic “these sisters hate each other and publicly humiliate each other kink in my game” fame is one of the “faces” of Tekken 7 right now.  Traditionally her outfits have been cocktail dresses, but this one may be the worse one yet.

Of course, it’s not just this outfit that’s terrible… she has a couple of others which look like really bad Halloween costumes “sexy pirate” and… I don’t even know.


And just in case that wasn’t horrifying enough – apparently she’s hiding not just throwing knives but a rocket launcher within that outfit.

That is not a joke.

And of course the other one (ie the guy) is Lei, who gets to wear like… comfy street clothes.

– wincenworks