theshadowbiohazard submitted

I just heard of a new upcoming video game called Battle Chasers: Nightwar which was based on a comic book of the same name. It seemed to be the type of game I would enjoy but first I needed to see if the designs of the characters were good (Bad designs can easily ruin the whole experience for me) so I checked on Gully…


“Wow! That is actually a pretty damn good design!” I said to myself.

Then I checked on Red Monika…


I reacted like anyone who actually has a good amount of brain cells.

How is that you could make one good female character design and then make a terrible female character design in the same fucking series?! HOW DID YOU SCREW THAT UP?!

So based on the promotional materials on their website, Red Monika (gee, her name reminds me of a character to whom she has a striking similarity) is a flirtatious acrobatic pirate/scoundrel type, which really makes me wonder what magical glue she uses to prevent her breasts from falling out. Her boobs also jiggle when she moves, cause that’s totally important when your view of the battlefield looks like this:


I, too, have a sexy swashbuckler character with large breasts, and they wear a sports-bra equivalent even when they decide to flirt and show some cleavage. And they don’t even do back flips in combat.

The lack of creativity here is painful in the most boring way.

But this game is based on an existing property; maybe it’s the fault of the comics that made Monika look this way.


… maybe not.


90s comics was once of those amazing periods in history that’s hard to explain to people unless they were there – I kind of hope that one day Martin Scorsese will make a movie about it.

However Battle Chasers did have a ton of interesting material and a lot of promise – by that I mean the cast who were not generic fantasy hero and generic evil sexy lady.


So, let’s take a look at what they chose for their feature video and  hope that the game creators realize that and don’t think that a classically 90s comic figure and outfit is what made this comic so interesting…

Oh dear.

– wincenworks