Little Rat submitted:

Hi, I picked up Hunted: The Demon’s Forge on Steam. It’s a really fun game but the outfits for the female characters are all generic sexyness. So I wanted to bingo playable character E’lara. 

We have a Bingo thanks to her torso-thingy giving view to “Underboob/Sideboob”! Suprisingly her outfit looks like it could be actually worn by a real person, because the collar holds everything up, but it looks quite uncomfortable. And I checked ingame: There is a thong underneath the leather straps. Her hairstyle seems to be the most practical in this outfit as it doesn’t get in her face while fighting, but it doesn’t save her terrible design. 

I wasn’t sure on the “male equivalent” square, since Caddoc’s (other playable character) armor is seriously lacking, too. But he still does not look like he belongs into the “sexy male armor” tag.
Thank you, BABD, for creating this wonderful bingo card, it was fun 🙂


I think it’s safe to say that Caddoc’s impractical armor is as “sexualized”
Conan’s loincloth – the guy just looks over the top, not as if he’s wearing BDSM gear to battle, like E’lara does.

I’d also cross “No breast support” for E’lara, cause I don’t see how those won’t pop out while being held by a couple of belts.