@sunfishfusions submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

Super new to Tumblr and my first time submitting anything but I felt like this is something that belongs on this blog (sorry if it’s already been shared)

I was trying to stream some cartoons online and these were the ads on the sidebar. I love how they put the male characters right next to the female ones for ease of comparison. 

Their homepage didn’t really make me feel any better about their character design…

I don’t know about those women, but I really woudn’t want to “come to the defense of Eremos!” without something that might actually… oh… I don’t know…


I think you got those the same way I found Dragon Knigh(t) ads. It’s kinda impressive how many bingo squares can a cropped image score, given the design is generic/awful enough.

Well at least they’re competent enough to promise us “a fantasy realm”, not “fierce battles”. These ladies’ clothes surely can exist only in the realm of fantasy.


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