doctorsanity submitted:

Charlotte from the latest Fire Emblem Fates. If you look closely you can see she has high heels on.

While I understand her gimmick is wooing richer men to spoil herself, I basically find the design embarrassing.

I feel that the biggest flaw with these designing a character around them being seductive approaches is that they sort of disregard for the idea that:

  1. Seduction is a personal and intimate thing, particularly if it’s for something longer than overnight.
  2. People with wealth and power can usually have attractive company any time they like without being seduced and fleeced.
  3. Advertising that you’re trying to be seductive and sexy probably doesn’t help them relax and slip into being seduced.

From what I can gather about Charlotte… part of her being a seductress is she’s trying to pretend to be innocent and she’s also meant to be a mighty warrior.  I can’t help but think that maybe more armor would help her with both of her goals.

– wincenworks

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