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This is the girl from the Ragnarok Online post a while back.

I always found it weird that a common justification was “freedom of movement” for drawing/presenting women in bikinis or lingerie with random bits tacked on as armor. Given that battle bikinis and lingerie armor generally come with accessories such as high heels, spikes jutting against the skin, and extremely tight mini-skirts, etc, such outfits would usually impede movement or even harm the wearer if they moved in certain ways. So, I’m fairly certain that the “freedom of movement” argument is kinda moot.

Finally a kind of post this blog was created for, YAY! 😀
Great point!

A very special comic for this Throwback Thursday, one that illustrates the ongoing problem with so so many designs.  Remember designers: Armor is supposed to help you survive, not hinder you!

– wincenworks

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