Calceme by Bryan Syme

I recently featured some of Bryan’s depictions of female characters but more recently he released this excellent artwork of his “a Bard named slickback”

And I know what you’re thinking, he’s a bard… so of course. For that reason, I must stress that we must not let the myth that bards are always the empowered men of the party – or worse, that all bards are.

(Meme art by Raymond Minnaar, meme by Alchememeist thank you to @elvashayam for identifying the signature)

Don’t let those stereotypes prevent your male characters from expressing themselves as alluring, sexual beings. Play a promiscuous warrior tank, an asexual bard, or a very super gay cleric.

It’s your game and I think we can all agree, it’s well past time that it dropped tropes and got a little spicy.

– wincenworks

This Instagram account, mind_flayer_meltdown has been re-titling classic Dungeons and Dragons covers with hilariously accurate commentaries.  These particular examples are glorious.

Of course, sometimes they get political and it’s just perfect.

It’s easy to dismiss this as “product of its time” or just something of by-gone days, particularly as the current management of Wizards of the Coast and the connected companies have been very actively trying to do better – but its important to remember that these are essentially formative works both in tabletop roleplayiing games and fantasy in general.

That’s… that’s a problem.

– wincenworks

(h/t: Slovenly Trulls for drawing my attention to this gallery of masterpieces)
Specific sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Have I mentioned lately that I love @pointandclickbait ?

Because I do. I really do.

– wincenworks

Honestly we’re way overdue in promoting some newer @pointandclickbaitarticles, but the satire of the ones we featured before stands the test of time (un)surprisingly well, as the game/nerd culture continues being as toxic as ever, if not more. 

Amazingly, occasional video game with a female portsgnidts protagonist (or two) haven’t yet made gaming industry any less profitable (at least to the big company CEOs and basically no-one else) and being critical of the stuff one enjoys haven’t yet killed anyone. 

Reminder that the Space Marines Can’t Be Female, Because Then I Would Need To Re-Think My Life article received TONS of responses that literally can be summed up as “Space Marines can’t be female, because then I would need to re-think my life”. 


Yes, that the first tweet refers to notes under this very post. Have fun reading those, but be warned of the headache-inducing lack of self-awareness on the part of Toxic Masculinity Brigade (aka WH40k fandom).