Have I mentioned lately that I love @pointandclickbait ?

Because I do. I really do.

– wincenworks

Honestly we’re way overdue in promoting some newer @pointandclickbaitarticles, but the satire of the ones we featured before stands the test of time (un)surprisingly well, as the game/nerd culture continues being as toxic as ever, if not more. 

Amazingly, occasional video game with a female portsgnidts protagonist (or two) haven’t yet made gaming industry any less profitable (at least to the big company CEOs and basically no-one else) and being critical of the stuff one enjoys haven’t yet killed anyone. 

Reminder that the Space Marines Can’t Be Female, Because Then I Would Need To Re-Think My Life article received TONS of responses that literally can be summed up as “Space Marines can’t be female, because then I would need to re-think my life”. 


Yes, that the first tweet refers to notes under this very post. Have fun reading those, but be warned of the headache-inducing lack of self-awareness on the part of Toxic Masculinity Brigade (aka WH40k fandom). 


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