Personally I am one hundred percent supportive of orcs being allowed to feel pretty whenever they want.  I don’t understand the final panel, surely it should be full of celebration!

– wincenworks

Oglaf sufficiently proved that orcs do enjoy feeling pretty in skimpy armor, and also provide jobs to the best cosmetic sorcerers! And we won’t shame them, as long as it’s equal across the genders 😉 

The whole above comic, though, we’re throwing back today as a reminder that @thehawkeyeinitiative (as well as @theliberationofmanfire) was a thing because nerds, especially white cishet dudes, are socialized to not question female bikini warriors in media… But as soon as sexy male equivalent is put forward, they suddenly can empathize with how uncomfortable women feel about objectified female characters. 

While the sexy Hawkeye and Manfire blogs are largely archival (and marked NSFW, because Tumblr is a hellsite) these days, there’s always @magicmeatmarch every year 🙂 



Have I mentioned lately that I love @pointandclickbait ?

Because I do. I really do.

– wincenworks

Honestly we’re way overdue in promoting some newer @pointandclickbaitarticles, but the satire of the ones we featured before stands the test of time (un)surprisingly well, as the game/nerd culture continues being as toxic as ever, if not more. 

Amazingly, occasional video game with a female portsgnidts protagonist (or two) haven’t yet made gaming industry any less profitable (at least to the big company CEOs and basically no-one else) and being critical of the stuff one enjoys haven’t yet killed anyone. 

Reminder that the Space Marines Can’t Be Female, Because Then I Would Need To Re-Think My Life article received TONS of responses that literally can be summed up as “Space Marines can’t be female, because then I would need to re-think my life”. 


Yes, that the first tweet refers to notes under this very post. Have fun reading those, but be warned of the headache-inducing lack of self-awareness on the part of Toxic Masculinity Brigade (aka WH40k fandom). 





Knowing how my friends feel about dresses with pockets I can only imagine how incredible this is!

Art by Benjamin Steamroller

I genuinely love this for SO MANY reasons, but one of them has to be the fact that now that we’ve all agreed that terrible skimpy armor that objectifies women is OUT, we can finally focus on what should be IN


Two big problems of both fictional armor (boobplate) and real feminine clothing (lack of pockets) resolved in a single one-panel comic! Yay! 

This knight looks super adorable and so happy about her attire, I love it!
Also love the costume design thought put by the artist into incorporating cloth or leather pockets onto plate armor. 

Artwork is available as print on author’s site


Fate’s Red Saber Nero – No, you can not unsee it. You’re Welcome! 

Since Fate’s fandom is the way it is, I decided to dedicate a very special stream redesign to them! 

When we commented on Fate: Last Encore’s version of “Saber”, the fanboys predictably, as with many previous posts on that franchise, rushed in to explain to us that this is not the same Saber we used as a positive example before (Artoria, aka waifu King Arthur).
No, apparently it’s just a completely unrelated character who happens to look exactly the same, allegedly because the designer for the franchise has a fetish for this one particular appearance, affectionately referred to by fandom as “Saberface”. Which justifies the shitty sameface syndrome how…? ¯_( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠° )_/¯ 


[Yes, those are four different people in various parts of the franchise. Only two of them are related. And yes, there are plenty more Saber clones.

Also, Fate’s lore is an incomprehensible mess with no single continuity. If we were to fully explain that every time a new Saber with giant boobs or stupid butt window comes out, our posts would be ten times longer. ? 

So, considering that this here Red Saber (not confused with the one with spiky hair) happens to be emperor Nero, I decided to right that wrong and make it abundantly clear that this is who this character is supposed to be. 

Enter anime waifu Nero. 


While usually I redesign the outfit, leaving character’s face more or less intact, this time I’m leaving the body and the awful boob-and-ass-window (plus visible panties) dress entirely unedited. After all, it fits her personality, or so I’m told. It’s the exact same sexualized anime girl, except she happens to have the face of an ancient Roman ruler, neckbeard included. 

And if you respect Nero’s own choice of clothing, please don’t shame her choice to grow out a beard. She rocks that look so much harder than she did Artoria’s face and haircut. 


Obviously I used the most famous Nero statue as a reference and did my best to recreate the cell-shaded anime look. Which is also why I incorporated her original eyes into the new design. Of course she needs to remain consistent with Fate aesthetic. I’m not an art-ruining barbarian. 

Overall this was a really fun stream and I’m pretty happy with the results. Not likely to happen again, but who knows? 

Once again, YOU’RE WELCOME. 





When you take a game seriously:


When you don’t:


@bikiniarmorbattledamage feel like this belongs on your dash

As we implied before, the best of all worlds in games is the option to choose ANY look, from ridiculous to absolutely serious. 

But… Can we please have the second gif as the default for all male characters in the next big mainstream adventure title?