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I appreciate this immensly

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…… I mean… Maybe?


I think that a couple other characters from the parodies we posted over the years would gladly patronize this blacksmith as well 😉 
Consider: Lyla from the College Humor sketch, the angry Dorkly comic lady, this poor heroine, the Chainmail Bikini Squad, Princess Adrienne… Oh yeah, there’s also this poor dude from Oglaf strip which we never knew how to address on BABD.

What I’m saying is, bad blacksmiths/armor merchants are kind of an recurring subject in bikini armor satire. And it’s nice for once to see one who’s fixing sexist armors instead of perpetuating them 😉

PS: This is what Arbalest and Vestal’s boobplates look like in the original artwork of Darkest Dungeon



Not all heroes wear capes.


Joust for Fun: A Historically Inaccurate Card Game

Joust for Fun: A Historically Inaccurate Card Game

Joust for Fun seems right up our alley, with the super adorable artwork and inclusive characters. 

“Historically inaccurate card game” is such nice, cheeky tagline for a game that *gasp* dares to have such characters as well-armored princesses and Mexican wrestlers joust against each other. 

Who cares about “historical accuracy” when you can be awesome and cute instead?

Also, props for making their Kickstarter promo video a Princess Bride reference (+ a gender non-conforming princess!).