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So I saw this lovely ad in the subway while coming home today.

Unfortunately going to the actual website they give just gets me a link to download the game to mobile, and since I don’t have the name in English I can’t look for the game’s actual website. My shitty phone camera photo’s the best I got.

I’m from Brazil so the text’s in Portuguese, but here’s a rough translation. Some parts are bolded for blatant objectification:

“Unbeatable Hunters. The sexiest girl to fight in your cellphone! Create incredible combos. Fast level progression. Save the girls from evil monsters. Customize your girl and become stronger. Download via QR code or access the Playspot website.”

I did the bingo counting all three outfits together since two are cut-off. I marked the thong spot with a question mark because while we can’t see the characters’ backs, one of the tiny screens of the game shows the one with the long ears doing an attack, and it kinda looks like her butt cheeks are showing but it’s hard to tell. The other two squares with question marks are assumptions made based on the fact the game’s being marketed on the whole “sex sells” thing, so it’s likely that these skimpy outfits are gonna be worn in cold climates if these are present and that the player’s reward for gaining levels is more skin showing on the characters.

I like how the girls transform from Unbeatable Hunters to needing to be saved within the same ad.  Looking into it, I don’t think there is an English version of this game… though it’s kind hard to confirm since even Google thinks it looks like literally every video game ever made:


This game truly defines creative freedom.

– wincenworks

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