A design so… um… special, that it got submitted to us by three separate readers right after Kotaku wrote about this game getting released.

whereismywizardhat submitted:

From the upcoming strategy rpg “Langrisser”
Do you notice the issue?  Cuz I dunno if you can tell, but there is a slight difference between the male soldier guy and the two female soldier guys.
He has way better hair.

velduanga submitted:

there’s a girl ‘knight’ that fills in the bingo card horribly. 

universe63 submitted:

I wanted to write clever commentary, but all I could come up with is “blarg.”

Langrisser? More like Lingeriesser! WTF?!

It’s also telling a lot about awfulness of this when we consider that the dark-haired girl, despite also qualifying as BABD material, doesn’t look even half as silly as the blonde lingerie knight.


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