delena-hupp submitted:

I’m not any good at being funny, but I needed to share this since it’s so perfectly bikini armour. Now, to preface, I’m not going to pretend that One Piece does its female characters and their clothing any kind of justice, since the longer the series goes on, the more clothing the two leading ladies lose… But then you have Rebecca… 


Who literally wears a chainmail bikini. And her signature fight style isn’t fighting at all, it’s dodging. That’s right, her key strategy, in those clothes, is evasion. How is she not dead? 

I can just see people going “But THAT’S THE POINT! Skimpy clothing compliments her fighting style!” at this.

First of all, as you said, dodging =/= fighting, so why the pretense of “warrior” outfit and weapon in the first place? Second, how does the use of dodging as a battle strategy guarantee you won’t ever get hit, and therefore won’t need actual protection?

And how is that scalemail bikini top supposed to work without a tit falling out?


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