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So, in Bravely Default, the new Final Fantasy spinoff game, there are a bunch of classes (called asterisks) your character can have, each with their own outfits! Which brings us to this one – the Vampire. This is one of the hardest ones to get, and… well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this when I went to put it on one of my characters. I might do the bingo card for it later. Because everyone knows vampires are supposed to be sexy?

What really kills me about this one is that the game also has some really good armor outfits too. The Knight and Templar outfits both fully cover the body and remain practical for combat. There’s only one other outfit that screams double standard (the Spell Fencer outfit), but it can be semi-justified, which is why I let it off the hook. Here’s a better view of the female outfit:


Someone in the Final Fantasy teams needs to be discreetly taken aside for a one-to-one interview where it is explained to them that belts are not clothes:


Though it’s still even more baffling when you consider that Lulu was supposed to be an amazingly brazen and overtly sexual character – where as now apparently belt lingerie is… default?

– wincenworks

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