Best and Worst of 2019

So a new year is upon us, it’s a good time to reflect on our best and worst of the past year.  There’s always plenty of good stuff in our positive examples, and sexy male armor, tags of course.

The Best of 2019

Pretty good year for video games and other media in that more studios seem to be trending towards creating more equitable attire for characters to varying degrees.  Even Games Workshop has released some new Sisters of Battle that look like formidable warriors (as opposed to well…), and have promised more. There are a few stand outs:

Captain Marvel by Marvel Entertainment

This movie was a great start to the year and addition to the dialogue regarding the Marvel movies.  Representation of women and same-gender relationships were great discussions sparked by it, and it smashed a box office record in the process.

Control by Remedy Entertainment

Weird, compelling and a whole lot of destructive fun – the adventures for Jesse Faden warrant almost infinite exploration and interpretation – all without needing to engage in exploitation of women.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood by Arkane Studios & Machine Games

The iconic game of killing Nazis provided as with the new and exciting opportunity let the players co-operate as a pair sisters killing Nazis for themselves.

Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment

Battle Royales are a big market right now, and it’s nice to see one that embraces diverse characters and provides the female characters with interesting roles and equipment (that is also practical looking)

And because I’m not too proud to admit to schadenfreude: 

Sex Sells – Confirmed invalid, again

Amongst others we took great delight in that the attempts to use sex to sell by EM83R completely fall over, along with the release of the Kill la Kill video game going pretty much unnoticed.

The Worst of 2019

For simplicity I’ve limited this to major media and not the various groups of the worst people supporting the worst celebrities – because those people don’t need  our platform and never change.

Mortal Kombat fanbase highlights general toxicity in gamer culture

So, Mortal Kombat 11 came out and it’s… well it’s a Mortal Kombat game, but a few changes to default designs and made a few female characters have less conventionally sexy outfits… and well, capital G gamers did not take it well:


(And of course, Final Fantasy had a small riot due to a portion of the cis male fan base having no idea of how boobs or bra sizes work)

League of Legends studio, Riot Games, confirmed as misogynistic cesspit

Throughout the year various details came out about the studio being a horrendous to female staff – to the point where a judge ruled they have to pay ten million dollars compensation to female employees.  It’s good that they received some compensation, but it shows how the video game industry still has a long way and how if a studio’s products look like it doesn’t care about women… it probably doesn’t.

Media and platform capitulation to Nazis

If you’re wondering why you hadn’t seen more on Wolfenstein: Youngblood or Control, it’s because pretty much the vast majority of platforms such as Steam and rating services such as MetaCritic still want to take a hands-off approach to their communities because they just don’t care.  Of course, there’s also the issue of how Kelly Marie Tran was all but written out of Rise of the Skywalker.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Well the game is out now and while it was celebrated for its nostalgic qualities, it sadly also carried along all the nostalgic ideas on how female character’s costumes should just be generically sexy without anything thought on… anything else at all… not even whether the clothes can even exist.

Of course, the comic industry remains a trash fire… for many years running now.

– wincenworks



straight boys: Silly feminists, it’s okay for women to be depicted with little to no armor. Look at Conan, he’s totally the same thing!

straight boys: *playing FF12* Vaan, put on a damn shirt you’RE MAKING ME FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE 

straight boys: *reacting to new male protagonist’s skimpy armor* Squeenix pls stop 

straight boys: But yeah, Conan. Totally the same thing. And you don’t see us complaining!


Perfect summary of this "controversy".


Since the upcoming reboot of another legendary Final Fantasy game caused a “debate” over the (very much alleged) reduction of female character’s breast size, let’s remember that dudebros perpetuating this new fake controversy are obviously the same people who complain about male characters in the franchise being too sexy for their homophobic liking




Eos’ most wanted.

You know, I’m glad that someone realized that it’s just unfair that Cindy gets all the empowerment in Final Fantasy XV… I’m so glad we can count on the fan community to think of looks for the boys that are every bit as impressive and and practical for battle as Cindy’s is for working in a mechanic shop.

– wincenworks

aleph-ozone submitted (and Icy Bingo’ed):

She doesnt really wear armor, but i wanted to show this to you anyway: Final Fantasy’s embodiment of entropy, the Cloud of Darkness. She’s supposed to be a god-level creature of destruction, who for no reason looks like a human being.

For no reason indeed! Yikesaroonie. From the wiki:

Though the Cloud of Darkness universally takes on a feminine form, it is officially considered a genderless being that merely chooses to appear as such.

(And yes, the entire wiki page uses “it” to refer to this being.) I guess an almost-naked woman dressed in unexplainable blobs of coverings is scarier than just an evil cloud or something, especially when their original appearance in Final Fantasy III looked like this:


This was the final boss, by the by. Much scare.


Hey, but it’s aaall okaaay, because they are a powerful genderless being who only chooses to look like a generically sexy woman in absurdly impossible “clothing”! Their appearance doesn’t have to make sense as long as they possess magic and will to be like that. 

Yup. Makes total sense to me. Don’t look at that nosebleed I’m getting from cognitive dissonance brain strain! Just accept that this is what a sentient evil cloud of entropy would look like, okay?! *passes out*


With the recent re-release of Final Fantasy 12 it seemed more than appropriate that we celebrate with a Vaan appreciation post.

Think how exciting video game industry could be if instead of modelling protagonist after protagonist off B.J Blazkowicz they started looking to Vaan for inspiration. 


– wincenworks

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


While her kit certainly isn’t as bad as say, Cindy’s, it’s safe to say that Aranea Highwind’s battle gear has a lot of room for improvement – mostly due to some questionable priorities.  The most baffling of which being headgear that would stab her in the throat and/or chest if she looked down in a panic.


And while it’s certainly true that they boys on the road trip are wearing some very nice, very tight fitting black leather there’s two important points I’d like to bring up:

  1. They’re supposed to be dressed to go out on a nice road trip which will end in a wedding and it’s the whim of fate that puts them on perilious adventure.
  2. Their clothes are actually clothes, this is a weird fetish outfit.

Final Fantasy, as always, continues to be a very oddly mixed bag.

– wincenworks

Tidy Up Tuesday #56

A few things to tidy up this week:

Our tag cloud is courtesy of Post-Theory.

For those of you arguing that the guys in Final Fantasy XV are equally sexualized and objectified as Cindy: I hate to break it to you but you’re clearly getting it confused with Final Fantasy XIV.

If you have written an article, column, etc for somewhere else but you want to share it and you’re free to do you may absolutely submit it (or a link to the original publishing if it’s online and accessible).

– wincenworks & ~Ozzie