show me the viera guys ffxiv show me

Apparently they’re super elusive because they live in a forest. So if a viera male falls in a forest, and no-one is around to hear, is he still wearing heels? Well, yeah, it’s because of their foot shape and not at all an excuse to put women into heels. The spiked heels probably help a lot with traversing through forests.

I hope they do look like this, since they’re described as being vicious and excellent hunters. The strategically-placed armor will protect them while also helping their agility, which would be extra useful around trees and bushes. And the sharp armor accents clearly communicates their vicious nature. I’d probably give them little spiked armbands to complete the look.

Square Enix, give the people what they want!


Personally I will never forgive Final Fantasy the “Viera wear high heels because their feet are that way and evolutionary biology is not a thing, apparently” bullshit, but making Fran’s hot male cousin canon would be appreciated anyway.


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