making edits that actually reflect equality of presentation between the two byleths in fire emblem three houses because i think the official outfits are a fucking farce 

we could have bad bad ass f!byleth instead of dressed in the dark in a hot topic byleth jesus

@shattered-earth, who contributed some really great stuff in our redesign tag (among others), never disappoints. Unlike Fire Emblem, which is always eager to indulge in blatant double standards, male-gazey female costumes and general creepyness (like the jailbait dragon). 

It seems like the designers thought the lack of pants between male and female version of FE Fates protagonist, Corrin, was too subtle and went “Hold my beer!” for the next game. 

Glad to see @costumecommunityservice‘s method of leveling the playing field in male/female design comparison employed. We just introduced a new tag for post that use it: costume gender exchange
I just wish this here dude redesign was pantless too. 

Throwing in original versions next to one another, for the reference. 


Who the hell approved that as equal? Oh wait, we know who


h/t: Spag 



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So, while this isn’t technically armor – it’s definitely male empowerment and so it seemed like it’d be relevant to the interests of many of our followers.

– wincenworks

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I could do this all day 

She will fit into your favorite moba game very good character garanteed

Edit: Holy shit it’s a joke please stop tagging this as reference/helpful/wow so good please stop using this as reference please stop thinking this is your goal please stop holy crap holy cRAP

You need to seriously re-evaluate  yourself if you believe the incredibly narrow and offensive things in these gifs oMgGG

Everything about it is so painfully accurate, but the “Pick ≤ 3” part is my favorite one for the purposes of this blog.


I love how pasties are the only essential chestware and how the actual high heels are not “necessary” just so long as her shoes maintain the same shape as if there were heels there.

– wincenworks

edit: Added the author’s later commentary, just to make it clear that no-one’s supposed to take this “tutorial” seriously. ~Ozzie

Because the subject of “just let the artist do whatever they like/want!” comes up regularly and far too many people are confused about what is wrong about nearly every female character looking next-to-identical, even within one game with a big cast*, this week’s throwback is the guide to the “creative” process behind designing women in media AND their costumes (bikini armor or otherwise) by the invaluable @shattered-earth.

And just for the record, this gifset is still a joke. Please do not take it as legitimate art advice!


*See the problem illustrated and discussed for: League of Legends | Overwatch | SMITE



aka. Hipster Hanzo

Print for MAGFEST 2017 and beyond. Please click for better quality tumblr REKT this image XD

 If I ever sell online it’ll be at my etsy!

Now, this is is the sort of empowerment that Blizzard should be providing for their male heroes in these trying times.  Look at that confidence and badassery – plus the sexual empowerment of being willing to let you see all his piercings (or is it just most of his piercings… if you know what I mean)

Here’s hoping someone on the Overwatch team latches onto this idea and lets it inspire their next Hanzo skin.

– wincenworks