[Pictured above: A fighter with a “Machiavellian philosophy and appearance.”]

Oh boy, it’s what I’ve been dreading when the Soul Calibur VI character releases started; another uninspired lingerie-esque outfit for Ivy


[ x5 ]


It’s so aggressively boring that the details they added, like the lace on her stockings and the cords around her sides, somehow make it even less interesting. She looks like she’s cosplaying herself. They also seem to have removed the snake motifs she had previously, and replaced them with… uhh, generic skulls, I guess? Cause that’s intimidating and not overdone at all.


[Ivy, thinking “What, you thought this was going to be a good design? Ha!” with a knowing smile]

I guess I’ll give the devs credit for giving her a boob window while also showing off about 70% of her breasts (the lace doesn’t count as covering). That’s some next-level dedication.


What is it with companies thinking that professional, Machiavellian female characters wear fetish outfits?


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