LJ submitted:

A while back I was reading through BABD, and at one point I scrolled through the post discussing Widowmaker and various other snipers. I found it interesting to see the differences in design choices, but even so was a bit disappointed Imani from the upcoming Moba Gigantic wasn’t mentioned at all.

Imani’s design is actually the opposite of how most game devs have been designing their sexy lady snipers for ages. The norm is slinky, skin-tight suits, long flowing hair that’s sure to get in the way (and yet it’s only ever in a ponytail. Do these designers not know the glory of buns or braids???) and a slender figure “because she has to be stealthy.” Instead, we have a beautifully round Woman of Color with a stupidly puffy coat (the fur looks so soft)short militaristic haircut and a big clunky scoped crossbow THING… And I love her so much.

It’s also refreshing that – as far as we know – Imani works on her own terms, and is amazing at what she does. Some suspect she’s in the same faction as Beckett though, another character released earlier this year.

Given how generally awesome Gigantic is in terms of character design, it’s really past time that we featured them again. Thank you for helping us correct that and spread more awareness regarding this great production!

I mean, just look at her.


Now this is badassery I can get behind.

– wincenworks