Okay, so as a small brag here – I happen to still have a copy of an early (1983) printing of the Fighting Fantasy book The Warlock of Firetop Mountain with all the original illustrations.. I just checked and I cannot find a single image of a character with boobs.

Yet, apparently, thirty-three years later the video game adaptation needs to be promoted with this to get attention on Steam… for some reason.  This is particularly baffling since it seems that as part of recounting the feel of the original adventure, the game is heavily dependent on text and static figures (apparently scanned from

Otherworld Miniatures… who mostly seem pretty okay in terms of female character design) and even the illustrations from the original books (though sometimes colored in).

It’s kind of like someone decided to try to faithfully recreate the books in video game format, then right at the end someone else decided they need boobs to attract the people who weren’t interested in the books (and hence will not want to buy these games).

Creepy Marketing Guy strikes again.

– wincenworks