World of Warcraft (the Movie)


clearlyiwaswrong submitted:

I don’t know if you’d seen these already but my eyes just rolled into the back of my head. Thanks for the crotch shot.

And of course the male equivalent is the opposite of sexualised. 


Those posters sum up PERFECTLY the problem with gendered double standard in depicting fictional characters and how it traverses through various media, as an MMO gets adapted into a movie.

Everything about those characters that should be equal, isn’t: makeup, costume, posing.

@nicholaskole took notice way back of how male orcs are big and unequivocally monstrous, while female ones are just conventionally pretty ladies painted green with small fangs (and that Garona’s mixed ancestry is not given justice either). Basically this:


Also reminds me strongly of @krudman’s take on sexual dimorphism in character design.


We assure you, WoW the Movie, designing big badass orc women (and/or sexualized orc men) isn’t that hard! We have a couple examples in our orc tag.


edit: A number of people have rushed to remind us that in according to the character’s particular lore, she’s a half orc.  While correct, this doesn’t address any of the key problems such as her pose and attire, that audiences unfamiliar with the lore won’t know that or that the character is essentially promoted as a sexy orc-like lady in juxtaposition to a powerful, well protected and dangerous orc man.