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Have you heard of Darkest Dungeon? It’s a game that got funded by kickstarter and it’s aviable on steam

It plays in the late middle ages and it’s about “fixing” the mistakes that your ancestor made after fooling around with eldritch knowledge. It’s pretty hard, your heros are basically a bunch of dirty jerks with lots of bad quirks and they go insane as often as they die in the dungeons (And they don’t get up once they’re dead). 

The game is dark, but it has a pretty neat art style and cool mechanics! You have 14 classes and big chunk of them are female. The classes above this text are all the female classes in the game (Yes, even the plague doctor) and they wear pretty neat armors! You can change their skin and armor color at any time but there are also classes who are POC by default (Like the arbalest). 

I think that’s pretty cool because many people say that there should be no POC in Fantasy games because… People of color haven’t been invited yet?  Most Fantasy games play in a Europe-like setting (This game too, BTW)? Anyway, I just thought that this character design was worth sharing and I just wanted to hear what you guys think!

I have complicated (yet mostly positive) feelings about Darkest Dungeons, particularly whenever I consider posting about it on a blog devoted to female armor.  It’s currently in Early Access, but official release is on the 19th so I guess it’s safe to comment on it.

With the exception of their insistence on all female adventurer breastplates have ridiculously high-profile boobplate they do pretty well, and the female adventurers without breastplates are excellently presented  From what I’ve played, there isn’t really any issues associated with gender beyond some of forms of insanity using the standard gendered terms.

But it does have other issues pop up here and there, such as one of the early enemies you meet being Cultists.  And well, they look like this:

So it does dip into the “evil is sexy” trope as well… which is kind of odd given the whole theme of the game is that evil is so terrible it will drive you mad.

Neither of these elements is bad enough I’d refer to it as a particularly negative example, but both of them seem to be included completely arbitrarily and seem at odds with the rest of the game.

– wincenworks

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