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Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright isn’t a combat game but I’m disclosing that it has some of my favourite storylines and character designs from all the games I’ve ever played. That being said, there’s one woman in particular: 


Her English name is Foxy, and she is the only female member of a group of knights guarding Labyrinthia’s clock tower. She is depicted as a vain and rather spoiled woman who is much more concerned about her hair staying bouncy and her steel stilettos not getting muddy instead of her guard duties with the Vigilantes. She has two male groupies whose names are Servius and Treddon – in-game you even a demonstration of a footprint of hers on the back of his armour. 

It’s a shame because the standard knight’s armour looks pretty cool.


But I guess they decided on a Certain Amount of In-Game Sexiness…and this was way after a character named Olivia Aldente explained and justified her midriff baring chef’s uniform despite handling sharp knives and boiling water in the kitchen. 

It’s particularly disappointing not just for the adherence to painfully sexist tropes but because ornamental armor can actually be really amazing.

Why would anyone want to wear an ugly boobplate bikini when they would parade around in a work of art?

– wincenworks

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