Karin submitted:

I stumbled upon the MMO Skyforge yesterday, and noticed that most of the female outfits were… Troubling. Some of them look fairly similar to the male versions, but every single one of them have high heels and very prominent boobs/cleavage. I also heard a friend say something about boob physics… These two classes were the ones that have the biggest difference between the male and female outfits, and I’m very surprised none of them got a bingo.

The official website for the game is http://sf.my.com/

Skyforge is back! And sadly it seems that the only feedback they’ve taken on board was to to stop giving the gents much nicer hair than the ladies… now the men get head protection and the women don’t.

Seriously designs, I love garter belts as much asprobably more than the average straight guy – but they are not armor!  Please just prioritize protecting the ladies and let us imagine their tastes in lingerie instead (because honestly, most of you are not that good at lingerie design either).

– wincenworks

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