leggomywaffle submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

Darkewood #3 of 5. A comic miniseries from 1988. Saw this while browsing through a comic section at a pawn shop. The more I look at this the more confused I get. Her bra is drawn in a way that makes it seem like it should be tight, but if you look at the bottom edges, it hangs way over her skin. She’s got a spider on her crotch that I hope is made of fabric and not metal or plastic, otherwise she’s in for some painful times. She doesn’t look too fit to be getting into a fight with the guy there. His little knife there would have a pretty easy time catching something vital. But she looks good (?) so I guess the artists thought it was okay. 

While this title seems too obscure and long-forgotten to simply google the scanned cover, ComicVine came to help. I’m leaving in leggomywaffle‘s photo though, cause it’s still a higher quality image 🙂

She didn’t get a “no underwear” square only because this costume is basically fancy underwear and nothing more.


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