So you recall that Mobius game?…

loelthereaper submitted:

Well aside from that the main character, Wal, had his gloriously empowered hips and obliques shunned under a black cloth, two characters were introduced to the story,

The formidable, scary-looking quiet,  and blunt Garland

Mobius Final Fantasy Garland

And then there’s this cutesy little fairy that aids you in Battle, known as Echo. It sounds all dandy, until you see her design…

Totally not a rip-off of Hatsune Miku..

… *sigh* So much potential for brave new ideas for this game, but Square – just like Wal’s hip line- backed out and went down the old beaten path of double standard design in games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sob in the corner for what could have been…

Okay, usually the necktie between cleavage thing strikes me as overkill… but necktie attached to a collar, between cleavage with a necktie shaped window underneath, with a tiebar that connects to random straps just there to outline her boobs, is just beyond ridiculous.

Meanwhile apparently it’s too much to ask that Wal get to show off that body that he’s spent so long working out and dieting for.

– wincenworks

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