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I was on a search for chain mail references when I stumbled upon this rather baffling image. A bit more digging led me to this page, full of all kinds of weird and worrisome painted on battle garb.

I’m not even sure how to tag this, my mind is just spinning over how on earth she managed to get this kit on in the first place.

We had doubts about publishing it, as this Poser 3D software resource, while technically commercial (only $7! get yours today!), is not really a mainstream corporate product per se.
Posting it here, because not only there’s actually a tag specifically for this (spandex chainmail), Victoria’s Chainmail is the EMBODIMENT of it!

Last time I saw something close to that were those creepy boobsock Skyrim mods. And as we all know, mods demand a separate  judgement.

The description of the product uses such phrases as “finely crafted set of chainmail”, “sexy and protective” and “realistic shading and depth mapping”. Also, the overall costume is described to “[work] perfectly as an undersuit or complete outfit on its own.”
Dear creator, you keep using those words…. I don’t think they mean what you think they mean.


Renderosity’s marketplace generally has a lot of excessively sexualized material on it, to the extent it can be difficult to find resources that won’t make your projects look like softcore pornography.  What I find truly baffling about this one though, is even with absurdity of chainmail pasties, boobsocks and posterior tailoring that Miranda Lawson would envy… the creator still seems to think this is actually a mainstream product.


Also if anyone has any ideas how you can vacuum seal chainmail to the extent it allows you to see the wearer’s navel… please, please do not share them.  The nightmares are bad enough already.

– wincenworks

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