I wanted to try a new MMO and Scarlet Blade was suggested by a friend. This is the first piece of armor I got after the equally ridiculous starting armor. Most of the female NPC’s are dressed like this as well. You can even buy an item called the “Lingerie Unsealer” with real money.

The description reads, “The Lingerie Unsealer unlocks your starting lingerie so it can be removed. Taking off your starting lingerie allows to to put on other lingerie styles that look sexy and give you an HP and SP boost.”

First off, something that needs to be said: unless you asked specifically for a softcore porn MMO recommendation, your friend is horrible and deserves silent treatment. Making someone unironically play Scarlet Blade is a gesture of extremely bad will.

Back to the character, though. She manages to not score any bingos just by the sheer force of this game’s art direction being so… special.
Scarlet Blade is notorious for having “battle-ready” outfits that look either painted-on or just straight-up tattooed, so they resemble no wearable material, let alone metal.

I decided to bingo this submission, but please keep in mind that we don’t talk about Scarlet Blade regularly exactly because it’s such an easy target. A whole blog could be devoted just to pointing and laughing at how hysterical the game’s designs are and how the distribution of it outside of Korea insists it’s not porn.

If we receive more Scarlet Blade submissions in the future, chances are that we won’t publish them. That fruit hangs just too low.


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