desided to try my hand at redesigning something that isn’t winx, so here’s sketch of lux from league of legends

i wanted to make her look more like her brother, and to give her more serious vibe – after all, she is member of religious order. 


What a nice redesign! And I feel like you made her face resemble her brother’s more, which I appreciate. Is it me, or does it seem like LoL has some sibling issues… I like the changes to the breastplate and boots, and of course the fact that she actually has mass now. And her armor isn’t a painted-on afterthought! I also find it interesting how just the shape of her belt can make her look that much more like she knows what she’s doing. Or maybe it’s just me.

(That belt is seriously, like, the Zero-Suit-Samus-shoes of belts.)


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