SMITE: Artio

@ultrapastaprincess submitted:

Smite’s newest goddess, Artio, seems to be an improvement. Reasonably dressed for a girl on the battlefield, and she switches to a bear form that is actually bearlike (although with some feminine hair). (full size)


Unfortunately, the same patch that’s bringing her is bringing this Awilix skin…


Oh SMITE, I’m not sure if I should be congratulating you on moving on from ripping off Dragon Age to ripping off Horizon: Zero Dawn (rather than, I dunno, looking up the difference between Gaulish Celts and Gaelic Celts… I see that tartan and faux woad), but it seems you also chose to rip off League of Angels as well.

As a side note, remember that time SMITE released Bellona, an almost reasonably well armored goddess?  Check out what skins she has now:


With SMITE, hope truly is the first step on the road to disappointment.

– wincenworks